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Monday, November 10, 2014

Sleeping it Off

I still have not recovered from my illness.  And I take full credit for that.  I have not been eating right, nor have I been sleeping right.  Much is going on, lots good, some not good at all.  Personal life is good.  It’s the professional life that has been of concern.  (More on that later . . . if I get around to it – hopefully, I will never get around to it, but instead will bask in the greatness of family and friends and oh yes, lest I forget . . . trails).

This past weekend, I had hoped to get in some mountain trails.  I think that it’s good that I did not.  I really need to get well.  Sleep, I believe is such a good cure-all for illness (and other things too).  So, I decided to take a bit of that medicine both days this past weekend.  Saturday, slept in and hit the gym later in the afternoon.  Sunday, slept in, and drove through downtown Laguna Beach around 10AM headed for Crystal Cove / Laguna Wilderness. 

I don’t like to run coastal hills on the weekends.  Why?  Two words:  mountain bikers.  Too many of them race irresponsibly fast on the local trails.  Sorry.  It’s the truth.  All a runner has to do is trip and fall in their path, and they are dead.  Seriously.  It’s that bad. 

I was not disappointed on Sunday in Laguna Wilderness.  Bikers raced along Bommer Ridge like there was no tomorrow – and there were no apologies.  Feeling so annoyed at one point, I really wanted to take a fist full of dirt and throw it in a biker’s face.  Of course, I would never do that.  But I thought it.  Is that bad?

Thankfully, I turned off onto Moro Ridge, which was lonely, and oh so lovely, occasionally encountering a hiker or five, and hikers are always oh so polite.  Love them. 

Moro Ridge:

From Moro Ridge, I took East Cut-Away for a fast, truck-trail run into Moro Canyon.  And once in Moro Canyon, I couldn’t help but run to the seashore for some sand stepping. 

I really am a lucky lady. 

And Chimera is just around the corner.  Can’t wait!!!

11 9 14a

Miles run:  11

Elevation gained:  1,450’

11 9 14


  1. I hope you feel better soon. I run my specific trails for training because mountain bikers are not allowed in that reserve. I have trails very close to home but avoid them because of the bikers. Take care and rest well.

  2. Even on our flat trails (paved and otherwise) the cyclists sometimes move too fast. I've had to jump out of the way a few times and I was not on "their" side.