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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Personal Running News

Next weekend, I run my first race of 2015 – as usual, I am undertrained.  But I am okay with that (of course) because I am the type of runner that finds triumph in merely finishing.  In about a week, I attempt my 8th Calico finish.  Secondly, I am registered for Nanny Goat 24 which takes place this spring, for which I aiming at not going into undertrained.  And thirdly, I have taken on volunteer coordinating for another Old Goat race.  The race is Old Goat 50, the same race that I was pulled at mile 41.  I believe that I have finally gotten over it, and am looking forward to working with Steve Harvey again.  He is so easy to work with.  He’s kind of a celebrity in the local ultra-running community, and I feel honored to be part of another Harvey race. 

Back to now, I have a much needed new pair of trail shoes en-route to my front porch as we speak.  So excited! Also now – that is lately, I am needing to run wherever I can which means more road running. This is a benefit in the long run because it will increase my speed.  To end this week’s training, I headed out the door for a 6.70 mile run down to the wharf, across to the harbor island which I ran in its entirety.  Crowds were out in abundance, runners, picnickers, walkers, sun-bathers, you name it – today was a day to get out under the sun!  After the island, I ran on through the marina, past the historical replica of The Pilgrim (Richard Henry Dana’s ship), and over to the marine institute where I snapped a picture of the Pacific Ocean, turned around and headed back home.

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  1. Your runs always look so scenic! And I'm sure you'll do well next weekend, even undertrained :)