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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Three Runs

Wow.  It has been so difficult to get out there and run lately.  If it’s not lack of gas money, poor shoes or lack of motivation, it’s something else like rain, or ice.  Thursday, I pillaged through my purse and managed to find $10.75, of which I promptly poured into my truck tank so that I could drive to San Juan Trail.  Normally, I take San Juan Trail from the top of the mountain (out of Blue Jay campground).  Thursday, I thought that I’d try taking the trail from the base of the mountains (which I have never done).  After using up nearly a third of the gasoline that I had just purchased, I arrived to an idyllic setting a couple miles into Hot Springs Canyon.  The spring near the trailhead was full.  Leaf litter sprinkled the parking lot which was tucked into a shady grove of trees. 

Well, my hydration pack sprung a leak, and I slid all over that trail wearing shoes with hardly any tread.  Barely a mile in, I turned back.

Well, screw the hydration pack AND needing shoes with good tread.  Friday, I hit my hometown streets and headed down to the beaches around 4PM.   The 5.77 miles were flat and cool, and I got caught out in the dark.  This meant lovely light reflections on the ocean waters, and a run back up the highway against headlights. 

Saturday, I got caught out in the dark again, but this time on the trails in Aliso Wood Wilderness Park.  I scrounged around beneath my bed and located some trail shoes with better tread.  I ran a 9.32 mile loop up Mathis and almost reached the ridge before the rain came down.  

Up Mathis:  

I didn’t mind running in the rain.  For some reason, I don’t mind rain when it starts WHILE I’m running.  (I just can’t begin my run in the rain).  I got caught out in the dark again.  I wasn’t the only one – I marched out of Aliso Canyon with several other hikers, just as the ranger truck made its way in with its bright search light scanning the trail.   

Mathis / Meadows loop:

1 10 15

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  1. Some interesting runs there! I love running in the rain and think it is one of my favorite running things. Our summer is hot and a lot more humid than usual.