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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Rain Run

I do not run in the rain.  Some time ago, perhaps years, I decided I didn’t like to run in the rain.  And so I don’t.  Some people don’t like to run in the wind, but I do.  Some people don’t run in the heat, but I do.  I will run in many conditions, but given the choice, not the rain. 

My feet hit pavement today after I dropped my son off at his music lesson.  It was 1 PM, and the skies were cloudy.  It rained yesterday, but seeing how we get very little rain, it didn’t even occur to me that it might rain today. 

One mile in, I was running along the beach with my jacket tied around my waist.  A mile later, the jacket was back on as a light drizzle fell from the skies.  The beaches were empty.  The parking lot at Doheny was full though with spectators and vendors out for the Doheny Wood Car show.  (Woodies are historical cars with wood frameworks.)


Rain fell faster as I made my way back through the car show.  By mile four I thought that I was good for another few miles.  I was soaked, but the rain wasn’t falling particularly hard.  At mile five, the rain came down harder, enough to form puddles in the road, and I thought, “That’s enough of that,” and phoned my husband for a ride.  With my jacket zipped up to my chin, I stood beneath a giant Eucalyptus tree and waited for my knight in shining armor to bring me back to our nice warm beach shack up the road. 

Miles logged:  5.05 (8.13 km)

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