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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Goal Met

Amazingly, I met my increase 10% goal for February (except for elliptical cross training – but I don’t really care about that). I increased my running mileage just a tad over 10%, and I am pleased about that.


For March though, I am lagging, and if I don’t get my butt into gear, I’m not going to make that 10% increase goal. My first run of the month was this past Tuesday, March 7. It took everything I had in me to change out of my clothes in between jobs, and hit the trails off of I 405 in Irvine. Yes, that’s Shady Canyon, where I took to Quail Hill loop, 4 revolutions. Quail Hill is still lush green with spring flowers popping up everywhere. I don’t reall the last time I saw this rather boring trail so dang beautiful.

That first loop was pure hell (meaning I felt sluggish and overly heavy) and I wondered how the heck I was going to put in any more loops. But by the second, I felt much better, and even better on the 3rd, and even more by the 4th. By then it was time to go, as I had to get off to my next job up Interstate 5. But first, I hit my gym for a shower, and outside the gym, a half a sub sandwich at Subway. I really need to get going if I think I’m going to pull off the 10% increase for March. So far, it’s not looking that great. But thankfully, the trails still are. Winking smile

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