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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Maple Springs to Four Corners

Tuesday was my day off – the entire day off. So, in my infinite wisdom, I headed off to Silverado Canyon around 12:30 pm, driving that single lane road past Maple Springs Trailhead, to arrive at the dirt truck trail called Maple Springs Road at about 1:30. I knew right away that the heat would give me trouble, but I took that step anyway.

It was serene and beautiful and all – pine forests in the distance, short bursts of Maple Tree shade. Little yellow butterflies and also large Monarchs flittered between flowers that still dot the mountains. And the trail was relatively empty – I saw only two mountain bikers, and also one guy on a motorcycle, and another group of guys in a jeep.

Overall, the trek was hot, as in really, really warm. And it was also steep. But you know how I love to suffer. And I also love this part of our mountains so much, that I was able to grin and bear it (not too much grinning though – until I reached the top).

My top on Tuesday was a location dubbed “Four Corners.” It’s where the Main Divide goes off in two different directions, and where Harding Truck Trail and Maple Springs Road meet.  From this point, I had views of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, a bit of LA County, and Orange County as well. In the distance, loomed the much larger mountain range, the San Gabriel Mountains, whose shadows I grew up in.

I ran most of the way back, being that it was down hill. Tripped only once, and I was so grateful that I remained upright. I am still really freaked out about falling. But if I had to fall anywhere, it would definitely be on Maple Springs Road.

8.77 miles, 1,672’ elevation gained.


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