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Sunday, June 25, 2017

What Goes Down, Must Come Up

Friday, June 23 -- I did it again. I started on the downhill, which of course meant I ended on an uphill. A long uphill. Because what goes down must come up right? And I did it because I wanted something a little different at Aliso/Woods Wilderness, and I wanted just a quick drive up the coast.

I parked my truck in Laguna Beach, at a little unknown park called Moulton Meadows. The weather was actually cold, and I thought for a second that I should have brought long sleeves. I quickly scoffed at the thought. Who was I kidding?Southern California’s in the middle of a heat wave, even if we’re enjoying mid sixties temperatures on the coast.

Sure enough, the closer I got into the canyon, the warmer it grew. And it was no simple task getting into the canyon down Mentally Sensitive Trail. The trail is so rugged and steep, that I even had to butt scoot a small section. I made the entire thing without falling!

IMG_0369Anyway, the 9.11 miles were mostly quite warm. Thankfully, an ocean breeze did manage to come up over the coastal hills. And then just like that, back at the Top of the World, it was cold again, eerie cold with white heavy mist full clouds rolling in. I felt like I was in a scene from a horror movie.

IMG_0367  IMG_0381IMG_0396IMG_0397IMG_0409IMG_0410IMG_04146 23 17

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