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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Old Goat 50 in the Books

IMG_1296I haven’t had the chance to report the behind-the-scenes on Old Goat 50. The event this year was held on March 31, the Saturday before Easter Sunday. There were about 150 runners total for all distances: 30k, 50k and 50 mile. In all, more than 60 volunteers helped put it all together. Volunteers included: HAMs, 4wd drivers, check-in crew, aid station volunteers and sweeps. More than SIXTY. That’s a little more than two runners for each volunteer. I arrived the morning before (Friday, March 30). After setting up camp, I got to work with a Steve and Annie Harvey and a couple other volunteers – sorting, organizing, staging aid station gear. The next day, volunteers arrived as early as 4am for check-in. And then after the runners took off, others began arriving to make it all happen up on the mountain. As usual, I was in awe of all the volunteers. They were heroes of the day, in countless ways!

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