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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Country Runs

I’m in the country this Christmas season . . . Texas country, where the roads are long and the skies are big. My boys are staying at my in-laws ranch, while my husband and I are in town at a hotel. Every morning, we drive out to the ranch (about a 20 minute drive), where we have been spending time with family. There’s lots of land to walk around and a couple of ponds to linger about. It really is beautiful country, with miles and miles of back country roads to venture out onto.

Christmas Eve, I set out for a short run with my oldest son in the afternoon. The temperatures were in the forties (Fahrenheit), but that wasn’t cold enough to keep on the long sleeves. By the time we reached the small cemetery (Bowman Ridge Cemetery about 2 miles in), I was ready to take off the long sleeves and run in a tank top. It felt really good to get out and run the straightaway dirt roads. Really good. This run measured a little over 4.5 miles (with close to zero elevation gain). I know this for sure because I’m wearing my new sports watch – Amazfit Pace. Yes, I have officially left Garmin behind, and so for, I am pleased.


Run 2, which was today, December 27, I took my middle son along. It was dang cold out, but he didn’t even bring a jacket. I told him that he’d need one, but he did not believe. He mainly walked, but every so often would run to catch up with me. I think the running helped to warm him up. His face was red with cold. At about a half mile a jack rabbit stood up and ran across the field. He had to be three feet tall! I wish I was quick enough snap a picture. But by the time I had my camera out, he was long gone. Then about one mile in, two dogs ran from a farmhouse out onto the road, and accompanied us for most of the run. It wasn’t until about a half mile from “home” that the owners of the dogs showed up in a car and called the dogs in. The dogs were beautiful.


IMG_5914I kept my long sleeves on the entire run. I believe that it was thirty-something. Like I’ve already said, dang cold! The dogs didn’t mind, and my son without a jacket didn’t seem to mind much either. (Crazy kids!) We went back out to the cemetery, which is so interesting. It is a very old cemetery, with grave markers dating back to the early 1800s. It’s also a historical landmark being that it is a Confederate veteran cemetery. I know that it is popular to hate all Confederate history, but I love history, so I’m delighted to come across an artifact like this, which by the way, is practically in the middle of nowhere – it’s surround by country roads and farms – that’s it.

This run measured just a little over 4 miles, with again, practically zero elevation gain.


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