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Friday, January 11, 2019

Mental Health Hike

I recently returned from a 15 day road trip. My husband and our three sons (ages 13, 16 and 19) drove our big old SUV over 4 states to Texas. I have barely been home a week (6 days to be exact) and I feel whacked. It was an emotional trip that wore me down on many levels. If I had been on the road much longer, I probably would have taken up smoking again (that means a lot more then I tell here!). Don’t get me wrong, there were lovely times, there was family, and a little bit of rejuvenation. But being on the road, well, that just made the downs and the transitions to the downs a whole lot harder. Now that I am home (no longer bundled up in wool coats, scarfs and hats!), a long hike is the only thing I can think of to help make the transition back into “normal” life. A long mental health hike.

Mental health hikes (or runs) work like this: The first half, maybe even three-quarters are difficult (there is usually much to confront). Amazingly though, you work through it, the crap, the bad feelings, the things that you can do absolutely nothing about. Then you just come to the inevitable, which is you just have no choice but to deal with life the best you can (best as in the least troubles, and with the most dignity), and you sure love it out here, moving along in nature, look at that Blue Heron, and oh there’s some deer . . . just relax. That’s what trails help me to do: RELAX.

The Big Loop, V. 1 @ Aliso/Woods Canyons: Aliso Cyn-Wood Cyn-Cholla-West Ridge-Top of the World-Meadows-Wood Cyn-Aliso Cyn, 11.59 miles, 1,539' elevation gain. January 9, 2019,

5 deer in Aliso Canyon:IMG_6185Wood Creek:IMG_6193West Ridge:IMG_6211Meadows Trail:IMG_6217



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