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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The sun shined brightly this morning for a 6:30 club run. The temperature though, was cool. Oh, how I love that cool temperature! And with no marine layer, humidity was low. It was just a beautiful morning, blue skies, dazzling clouds. I hit the dirt with Tom and Luis, feeling pretty good, trying out my Salomon’s again.

We took Wood Canyon, in and out of shade, and amazingly, I didn’t feel like I needed that long 3 mile warm-up that my body usually insists upon. After a couple creek crossings (not actually through the water, but over it), we made our way into that gorgeous shady grove towards the end of Wood Canyon. The weather still cool, a nice breeze, the company was splendid. Then, we all felt the temperature dramatically change as we ran up Cholla. It was as if we ran through a door of heat. And though Cholla was extremely tough, I ran up the entire thing, and didn’t feel like crumbling to the ground upon reaching the top. I just smiled wide and exclaimed, “that was tough!.”

Anyway, I kept up with the gang surprisingly pretty well on Westridge. We ran all of Westridge, and into the park at Top of the World. Then we took the road across the ridge to meet up with one of my favorite trails, Meadows. Meadows is brown now, no green grass, no yellow mustard wildflowers. The ride down is still exhilarating.

Top of the World, About to Descend on Meadows Trail (Luis, Me, Tom)

After a rest and photo-op, I flew down that trail, and made my way in at a pace quicker than normal (according to Tom’s GPS). I was surprised that my energy didn’t drain in the end. I ran it all the way in.

Perhaps it was the shoes. But I really have to credit today’s energy to 1) Saturday’s Trabuco run, which notched my ability up some, 2) light work-outs on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, and 3) most importantly, a change in my diet – that is not to say that I’m on a diet. I have just changed my diet, to include ten, count ‘
em TEN servings of fruits and vegetables.

After a round of chores at home, my energy started to seep. Today’s nap was from 2:00 to 3:30. But I pretended not to sleep, because for some reason, I feel guilty about napping. So when I’d hear one of my boys or my husband walk into the living room where I slept on the couch, I said a word or two, like I was just resting my eyes. I was sleeping though, most of the time. Don’t think I fooled anyone. They were good. I didn’t get any flack.

Miles happily, joyfully logged this morning: 11.5

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