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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Buffalo Alley, a Race for the Fallen

I love soldiers.  I have always loved soldiers, even before my brothers were soldiers.  I’m not sure why I love them so much; I think it’s because they do something that I don’t think I could ever do.  I’m too selfish.  I wish I was like a soldier, selfless. 

Since I’ve started trail running, I’ve been running Buffalo Alley at Camp Pendleton.  This is my third “Race for the Fallen.”   Though the cause is solemn, it’s a fun race with two good climbs and lots of rolling hills.  And proceeds go to families of the soldiers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

This is the one race, no matter how tough the climb gets, I run every single inch.  I tell my self to sacrifice this one time, because soldiers have to run when they don’t feel like it, or when they’re tired.  And so I run, sometimes breathless.  Today though, I never got breathless.  I’m getting better at them hills : )

CIMG7197 CIMG7198

The mood was festive as we lined up on this cool wet morning.  The marines put on a well-organized race as usual.  Lucinda, the woman I see at every Camp Pendleton race was present as usual.  She runs in all black, boots and carries the U.S. flag the entire race.  She amazes me.  We ran neck-in-neck, until she blew me away in the last 10th of a mile or so. 

CIMG7214 CIMG7220 CIMG7227 CIMG7240

I lost some time this year because I did a video of the race.  I’ve also got the glute issues.  Plus running every inch of the hills, I think makes my time slightly slower too.  The reason for this, I’m sure is that they wipe me out so much, that I run slower on the flats and downhills.  But I don’t care.  I had a great time, really, a fantastic time – the marines were characters, polite characters, funny, wild, crazy, respectful, and tough. 

But I saw no buffalos : )

Miles logged this morning:  6.22

The race:


The movie


  1. Wow, you go girl, up those hills.

    I love that this race meant so much to you.

  2. Gosh Green Girl -- are you about the nicest blogger out there? Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. That's awesome that you run it the way you do, the military needs are respect and support for sure!

    Great job!

  4. Great video Lauren! I think I should have been down south at this one instead of up north in Long Beach this weekend.

  5. Great video and photos. I wish I'd brought my camera to capture the beauty on the course, but I had enough to do trying to psych myself up and over those hills.

  6. Thanks Stuart & Glenn -- the Marines put on top notch races. I always have a blast at them (well, maybe not ALL of them). I've read a lot of blogs on the Long Beach marathon on the same weekend as Buffalo Alley, and I have to say (sorry) I am happy I was at Buffalo Alley instead : )))

  7. Thanks for reading Anne. This was my 3rd time running Buffalo Alley, so I thought THIS TIME, I'm going to document it. My time suffered, but it was well worth it. Those hills are fun aren't they : ) (downhills that is!!)