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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Peters Canyon on 10-10-10

Yesterday, the back spasms were far and few between with much less intensity.  Heating pad on my back, I went to bed early for a 4:45 AM wake up.  No pain!  Stiff glutes yes, but no back spasms : )  I packed the ibuprofen anyway. (Along with all the other essentials: water, phone, camera, Cliff Bar, hat, sunglasses, chapstick, and of course music.)

The sun had not even shined above the horizon when Sheila, Kelly, Vicky and I took off running into Peters Canyon.  I couldn’t help feel that I needed a headlamp.  Two women we passed in the dark asked if we were going up to the ridge, because they didn’t want to go up alone.  I wasn’t sure if it was wildlife or man that spooked them.

After taking Peters Canyon Road into the Canyon, we ran up Eucalyptus Trail. As you would probably guess, it’s lined with tall Eucalyptus trees.   Eucalyptus Trail is also the same one that got me so dang angry over two years ago because I had to pull on the branches to help me up.  Peters Canyon is where I ran my first trail run.  It was also the location of my first trail race.

Runners on East Ridge View Trail (Vicky, Sheila & Kelly from left to right)


Eucalyptus Trail meets East Ridge View Trail which is a rocky one– loose rocks, the hard kind to run.   East Ridge, like most ridgelines goes up and down, up and down, up and down.  I felt pretty fatigued early on.  But that’s okay – I needed this.

A lake view greeted us coming off the ridge.  Catching Lake View Trail, we made the loop around the lake, but not before cutting off the corner and running a lovely little trail called Willow Trail.  It’s like a jungle, shady and cool.  The ground was still damp from last week’s rains.  Vicky lead the way, so he was the one to run into the spider web.  After that, he picked up a stick to wave out front. 

The ups of East Ridge View Trail


Kelly and Vicky leading the way on Lake View


The climbing began again on the other side of Lake View Loop.  I vividly recalled that this was the first uphill trail I ever ran.  It’s a wide road, no shade and I think it was almost as tough today.  But that’s okay too.  The past few months have been tough.

We ran a detour off of Peters Canyon Trail – Creek Trail.  It’s my Featured Trail of the Day (below) because it’s lush, cool and oddly, a bit landscaped with stepping stones and bridges throughout.  The creek was full, but still.  Not exactly something I wanted to splash around in, but it added a serene touch to the trail.

We finished off one loop when Sheila, Vicky and Kelly ran off to add a mile or two before heading home.  I stayed behind and ran the loop again.  With my headphones on, still plenty of water on my back, I finished another joyous Peters Canyon loop, totaling this morning’s run at 11.71 miles. 

Back down Lake View to catch Peters Canyon Trail CIMG7148

Before parting company after one loop (Me, Kelly & Sheila)


One more pose before parting, Vicky, Me and Kelly


Pretty flowers coming off the ridge


Lake View Trail


Willow Trail


  Elevation Profile of One Loop of this Two Loop RunMy Activities 10-10-2010, Elevation - 1 loop Peters Cyn

Featured Trail of the Day


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your back spasms.

    Peters Canyon looks beautiful. I need to head down south for a run one of these days.

  2. Thanks! It really is lovely out here, particularly the weather (usually). Funny, I was just thinking that I needed to get out of The O.C. for a change of trails : )

  3. Have you ever done the Peter's Cyn trail race series races they have. I did one last year it was pretty cool...

  4. Hi Patrick! Thanks for commenting. I have run a Peter's Cyn Trail race. I've run three in fact. I did enjoy them. Thing is, I'm a morning runner. The last time I ran a Peter's Cyn Series (summer 09), I said that's it for me -- too hot! : ) Renegade Racing (they put on the Peter's Cyn) used to have a wonderful little race at Puddingstone in San Dimas too that was loads of fun, just 3 miles, but tough as heck. I haven't seen it around. Too bad : (