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Monday, July 25, 2011

Answered Questions


I am finally getting around to answering your questions.  Sorry for the delay.   I guess that I would rather write about running, rather than write about myself in general.  No, I take that back.  I’d rather be running.  But I did really enjoy your questions.Smile  Here it goes:

Johann asked: 

Do you know the Zombies from Zombierunner? (Gillian and Don) They don't know it but they inspired me to start running trails.

No, Johann.  I do not know the zombies.  Would like to.  Don’t know much about them either.  But I love their store.

Have you lived anywhere else in the USA?

I have always lived in California, Southern California in fact.  I began in San Fernando Valley, was raised in San Gabriel Valley (both in Los Angeles county).  Then I moved to Orange County (The O.C.) in 1988.

When I come to visit, will we run those trails you always show on your blog?

We will definitely run those trails (you will have to slow down for me).

If I do come over there for some crazy race one day, will you be part of my crew?
I will also definitely part of your crew.  I always wanted to crew Badwater!

From Johann’s son Rohann:

What is your favorite color?

I have two favorite colors, Yellow, because it reminds me of the sun and my grandfather who always wore yellow shirts, and “baby” blue which is a little lighter than the sky. 

What is your favorite animal?

Definitely dogs!  But I also love cats too.

Jessie asked:

How long did it take you to adjust to trail running?

The first time I ran the trails, my long run was up to 14 miles.  I ran 9 miles on the trail that day, and I was hooked.  For the next few days I was so sore I could hardly lower myself into a chair. 

For a long time, I could not run up the steep hills.  But I kept trying.  I had to get over the fact that there is no shame in hiking the hills.  And so I did that for a long time (and still do on the steepest hills especially in races).  I think it took me about a year to fully adjust to trail running and their hills.  There was also the fear factor that I had to get over – the fear of nature.  I did a lot of research on the animals and their habitat and on first aid, etc.  And with that knowledge came a full adjustment to trail running.

And last but not least, Lindsay asked:

Did you used to run on roads? if so, what triggered the switch to run (almost 100%) on trails?

Yes, I started running on roads.  I ran roads for about 3 years, then I ran a race over the Coronado Bay Bridge in San Diego.  It’s a huge bridge that goes over to Coronado Island, and driving it scares me to death.  So, I decided to enter the race to see if I could hack it.  The hill going up that bridge was tremendous for me at the time.  Yet, I was thoroughly thrilled by the challenge.  After that race I browsed the internet for other unique races and found a trail race in Calico Ghost Town (in the high desert about 2 hours from Las Vegas).  I had NEVER heard of trail running.  But I had heard of Calico Ghost Town.  I camped there as a Girl Scout, and just HAD to do this race.  But I knew that I wouldn’t stand a chance if I didn’t get out and train on trails.  So, I joined a trail running group with wonderful people who taught me how to do it.  I trained for 6 months and finally entered the race (30k) and I crossed the finish line bruised and bloody, about ready to vomit.  But when it was all over, I said to myself, “I can’t wait until my next trail run!”

What do you do for work?  Is that what you went to school for?

I am a teacher.  I work with teenagers at their high school to make up failed courses so that they can graduate.  After that, I drive to another high school and teach adults vocational education, specifically various software programs like Photoshop and Excel.  I love my job.  But could use more hours.

I majored in Liberal Studies (w/ a minor in history).  I thought that I might be a teacher.  But I didn’t really go to school for a particular job.  I went to college, because I absolutely love learning. 

How long have you been friends with your 'oldest' (longest) friend?
Thirty-Four years (yikes!)

If you had to move, and it couldn't be CA or TX, where would you live?

Definitely Utah!  Keep in mind though, I have only been to ten of the states, so I could change my mind upon seeing more of the U.S.  (However, I don’t think I could ever move from California)

Have you ever seen an enormous snake or spider on your trail runs? no photos necessary on this one... a microsoft paint replica is sufficient :)

I have seen one or two enormous snakes (& many other snakes).  I’ve never seen an enormous spider on my trail runs.  I have friends however, that report they have seen tarantulas on the same trails that I run.  

Thanks for asking.  I hope you enjoy the answers.  Jessie – you are tagged next with a Q & A session.


  1. yikes i don't think i could run on your trails! i would shriek like a little girl at the site of a snake or spider, no matter how big or small. you should see me jump when i see a stick on the road :) i enjoy trail runs, but i'm not in shape for them -- they tend to turn into "hikes".

    34 years! that's awesome. and your job sounds great! all the lives you are touching, futures you are changing - you go girl.

  2. Nice answers Lauren, thanks for sharing. I'm not scared of any animals or spiders or snakes but have a strong rule of "respect them" and that keeps me from getting on the wrong foot with them.

  3. Thanks Lindsay. I appreciate your comments. Believe me, I am a total "girly-girl," and I run trails. So if you wanted to, I bet you could -- just bring someone along for safety.

  4. Thanks Johann. I'm not really scared of animals, spiders or snakes either. (I am kinda scared of mean, untrained domestic dogs though). I give snakes their space, and I try to keep constantly alert for other predators.