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Monday, July 18, 2011

Tagged: Q & A Session

I really don’t feel like I’m an expert at anything.  My spouse and some friends claim that I’m an expert at certain things.  I used to teach at an “Assisted Living” facility, a term we use here for retirement home for elderly people who need assistance with everyday living.  Many of my students didn’t remember two minutes ago, but they remembered the past well.  And this is what they told me:  “A jack of all trades is a master of none.” 

I hope that the saying’s not true.  Or rather, I wish that it wasn’t true.  In college, when I was a lot more naïve, I wanted to be a renaissance man, or rather woman. (The proverb I learned in the assisted living facility certainly crushes that!)

So, why am I writing this?  Because I need an intro to the fact that I’ve been tagged.  Tagged by an excellent runner (& blogger), Johann from Run Tall, Walk Tall.  I’ve been tagged to hold a little Q&A session.  You ask, I answer.  Hopefully, I can answer.  I will do my best.  It doesn’t have to be a technical question, just whatever you have the notion to know about this blogger.  Of course, there’s always the possibility that no one will ask.  And I will miss out on all the fun.   So ask away, and I will answer.  This means that I will be the next to tag someone. Smile So watch out!

I looked forward to reading your questions in the comment section.  Thanks!


  1. Thanks Lauren! "Tagged by an excellent runner" I like that!
    Do you know the Zombies from Zombierunner? (Gillian and Don) They don't know it but they inspired me to start running trails.
    Have you lived anywhere else in the USA?
    When I come to visit, will we run those trails you always show on your blog?
    If I do come over there for some crazy race one day, will you be part of my crew?
    These two from my son (Rohann): What is your favourite color? What is your favourite animal?

  2. Congrats on being tagged?
    How long did it take you to adjust to trail running?

  3. i have this tag 'to do' as well...

    i don't know your full blog/running history, so forgive me if some of these are dumb questions :)

    did you used to run on roads? if so, what triggered the switch to run (almost 100%) on trails?

    what do you do for work? is that what you went to school for?

    how long have you been friends with your 'oldest' (longest) friend?

    if you had to move, and it couldn't be CA or TX, where would you live?

    have you ever seen an enormous snake or spider on your trail runs? no photos necessary on this one... a microsoft paint replica is sufficient :)