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Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Nutty Post

Okay, now everybody has got to get in their nutty posts once in a while.42-15332573  Mine was yesterday.  But behold, I believe today it’s coming on again.  It seems that I just can’t function my best without my runs.  When I woke at 6:00 I simply stayed in bed.  I had prior to this delusions of grandeur, that I, THAT IS ME, THE ONE WHO IS NOT RUNNING, would wake early and swim 2000 yards.  But then I just lay in bed and forced myself back to sleep.  When I woke at 7:00, I thought to myself, “stay in bed as long as you can.”  Why?  Oh, I don’t know – BECAUSE I WASN’T RUNNING.  

I could hear one of the boys up, on the computer or something as I lay there, for a couple more hours.  My husband lay there too and I thought, “he must be trying to beat me by staying in bed longer.”  So I studied his face, certain he was not sleeping.  But he was sleeping!  

Finally at 9:35 AM I couldn’t stand it any longer.  I got up with a major case of the blues and complete lack of motivation.  I did get to the gym yesterday morning and had a really good workout.  But today . . . I felt dumpy.  Grumpy too, but mostly dumpy.  First thing I did was weigh myself and write the number in big black numerals on the kitchen whiteboard.  When my lovely husband woke, he weighed himself too.  He wasn’t too keen when I wrote the number on the board.  “Do you have to right it so big?” he asked. 

I got some calls in that I needed to make.  I cleaned off my oldest sons’ dresser. I signed onto the internet.  I did dishes (by hand, because I felt like having CLEAN dishes for once!).  I signed on and off and on and off and on and off the internet.  I did laundry.  I frowned.  I got on the internet. I made potato salad.  I went grocery shopping.  I signed onto the internet.  And then, I went on a scooter ride to the park with my middle son.  The wind hit my face, and I smiled (not the fake smile I was putting on earlier in the day, a genuine smile).  We rode downhills and we rode uphills.  And when my boy said, “I hate uphills,” I grinned and said, “if you wanna go downhill, you gotta go uphill.”  He was right too, it was hard scooting myself with one foot up the hills.  I’m not too graceful switching feet (my oldest son simply jumps up above the scooter while in movement and switches feet on the landing). 

And then I got home and signed onto the internet. 

Time moves very slowly when I don’t run. 

Somewhere in the day, I decided to do every single one of my exercises/stretches.  I have this Excel Chart that lists out a multitude of exercises that I color in the box next to the particular exercise once completed.  I always do some of them.  Sometimes 50% of them.  Never have I done all of them in a single day.  Today, I colored in every single box.

These are the exercises (some of them I named myself because I don’t know what they’re called Smile):  abs, arm weights, clams, scissors, bridges, neuro-flossing, step lowers, straight column 10x, lean, lean & step, lean & run, side-to-side ball, plank, ball plank, ball bridges, wall walk, foam roll, figure 4 stretch, piriformis stretch, quad stretch, hamstring stretch, IT Band stretch, calve stretch, push ups.

Miles run today:  0


  1. Nutty post...mmm, well said. I mean that in a good way:) The week is nearly over. I think you love running like I do. Awesome!

  2. Days really do seem so much slower when you don't run! I'm glad you started to feel better! Hang in there! The week is nearly over.

  3. Thanks Green Girl. I think it's good to switch up things a bit. I needed this!

  4. Yes Johann, the week is almost over (actually it's over as I write this response) and yes, I do LOVE running. If I had the time, I would run every day. Thing is, running doesn't make me strong enough for running, oddly. I have to strengthen my mind and body in other ways. This week off has been a great mental strengthening exercise.

  5. Thanks Jessie. You are really so sweet and positive. Keep that up, it will bring you far!