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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


marlin brando1To tell the truth, it isn’t that bad – not as bad as the Vietnam War or Cambodia, but at least as bad as those who use Brando’s (Actually, Conrad’s Heart of Darkness’s) words in jest.  It was pretty difficult for me mid week.  I was miserable without running, not to mention, depressed over Bulldog’s sell-out.  But now, I have to report that I have gained a great deal of perspective – so much so, that I may (may!) cut my week off from running one day short

I won’t replay my whole week.  But I will start with yesterday, which was a breakthrough.  I woke at 6A.M. and worked-out at the gym for two solid hours.  At home I bathed, then prompty took a NAP – A nap before everyone in the house even woke!!.  I then woke to a phone call that I missed around 11:30.  It was from my RUNNING friend, Sheila, wondering if we could run this week.  I went back to sleep to catch another call about noon for a play date.  

I raised myself from bed feeling refreshed, made lunch for the family.  But I still thought, “Oh my, I need to run.”  I felt awkward to get soooo much sleep.  That’s just not me.  Sure I get enough sleep, because I go to bed early.  But to nap and nap and nap.   Not me.

I stayed true to my word.  I took my two youngest to the park to meet friends, and we all scootered around the park (yes, I put on my pink helmet and joined in). 

Back home I lay back down upon my bed and relished the cool breeze blowing through the windows.  Just as I drifted back off to sleep our middle son approached to say, “Mom, you’re never going to get to sleep tonight.”  Wise boy.  But I didn’t care about sleep just then.  I cared about NOW, the moment.  And I felt that I still needed sleep.  I slept in that cool breeze comfortably, finally waking at 5:30 PM! (OMG!)

It wasn’t long after dinner before I tucked myself back into bed.  But nPOWot after talking to my mother about all this sleep.  She said, “Your body is healing.”  I can’t argue with that.  After reading an enlightening chapter of The Power of Now, I fell promptly asleep well before 11PM, to awaken at 6AM once again.

I felt much better this morning, not so deprived from not running.  I accomplished much over the past few days, despite my sleeping.  I applied for substitute teaching positions within the district that I’m currently employed.  Best off all, I got a little better at remaining in the NOW while NOT RUNNING.  I felt good, even though I haven’t run in almost a week.  THIS IS A MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT (that is to NOT feel anguish by not running.)

Off to the gym I drove this morning.  I swam 2,000 yards, showered, then sat in the sauna.  Feeling extremely relaxed, I nearly lay down for a nap in that wonderful dry heat.  Instead, I took off for home, made our boys breakfast then tucked back into bed for a “nap” until my friend phoned about 11 AM.  She laughed when I said that I was just awakening from a nap.

Somehow today, I felt freed.  Like the chains had been broken.  I know that it will take lots more practice to experience the present when I’m not running.  But I have to say that I made great steps toward getting things “back on track.”  I applied for employment.  I got together submission guidelines and prepared for a Friday literary submission.  I made phone calls that I needed to make.  I gathered paperwork and signed documents that needed attention.  I even lost 2.5 pounds Smile

Miles logged today:  0


  1. I'm happy to hear things are turning around! I have full faith in the power of a good nap!

  2. Nearly back on the trails Lauren. I must admit I don't know if I would be able to take a break from running without being injured or sick. I'm sure you'll be strong once you get back out there. Enjoy the naps and sleep while you have the time. Take care!

  3. Thanks Jessie! I agree with you, sleep is good. It's a part of health that is easy to neglect.

  4. Thanks for reading Johann. Definitely enjoying the naps. And the gym too. Good luck on your race. I believe it's today!

  5. The naps sound like a great idea.

  6. I'm loving my naps Windnsnow.