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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just Stuff

I was not super-duper lucky today – that is, feeling well enough for a last-ditch run.  In fact, I was sicker today than yesterday.  After making breakfasts and packing lunches, I convinced hubby to get the boys off to school.   Actually, there was no “convincing.”  I simply asked, and he obliged.  Then I slept in until about 9:30 AM.  I felt weak.  My throat hurt.  I was sweating.

I knew there was no chance of running today, especially since I worked tonight and I have a THREE day trip with middle schoolers (beginning tomorrow, Friday). 

This all didn’t mean that I couldn’t get some strengthening in today.  I will say that hubby was less than pleased to find me in the living room with weights in my hands.  (Note to self:  one good reason NOT to have a home office).

So!  By mid afternoon, I wasn’t feeling too fine.  But I had to get off to work, then back to pack for my trip.  On the way to work I stopped for a hamburger, even though I wasn’t starved or anything.  It was just that I had taken in only a few hundred calories today, and with a full afternoon and evening ahead, I thought I’d go ahead and splurge on a burger.

Well.  I drove through the drive-thru, asked for a burger.  The speakers said, “Would you like fries?” 


“And that’s a double burger?”

“No double burger, no fries,” I replied.  I really just wanted some calories, and a burger was even more than I wanted.  “Just a burger.”

I drove up to the pay window.  Paid.

Then I drove up to the pick-up.  “Would you like to try our berry slush?” 

“No,” I laughed.  “I’m cutting back.  Just a burger.”

“Just a burger?”


“No fries?”

“No.  Just a burger.”

After waiting a couple minutes the young lady returned to the window with a bag.  “Here’s your double burger,” she said.

“I don’t want a double.”

“You paid for a double.”  (That’s two patties of meat, which is way too much!)bk-1-dc

“Still,” I smiled.  “I don’t want a double.”

She looked just a tad puzzled.  “Well, we’re going to have to give you a refund.  Wait.  Let me talk to my manager.”


Can you believe that this precious young lady returned to the window with a copy of my receipt in her hand?  She held it out so that I could see and said, “Look.  You paid for a double.”


“Well,” she said timidly.  “You’re gonna have to pull forward and wait.  We’ll  bring you a single and a refund.”

“That’s okay,” I said and pulled forward.  There was no way I was going to take their double burger to convenience them.  The single was a bit too much as it was.  (My refund, by the way, was 51 cents)

I really had to laugh about the amount of food this particular franchise tried to push onto me.  No wonder we have a weight situation in the U.S.  First they wanted to give me fries, then a double burger, then a berry slush, and then a double burger again.  Yikes!!!

This was the highlight of my day.  Actually, work was my highlight (Because I really, really love my job – no joke).  But I was pretty dang annoyed with my students today, and I don’t want to say anything to embarrass them.  On the good side, I didn’t kick anyone out of class. 

Happy weekend!


  1. Hope you are feeling better already. I hate it when they always try to push more food on you than you ask for. Have a great trip with the kids.

    1. Thanks Johann. What's more annoying is when they charge less if you add fries, etc. I've actually said, "Can't you just throw away the fries and charge me for them?"

  2. Feel better!!!!

    I go to Sonic all the time for a drink and they always ask "would you like cheese sticks of tater tots with that??" No no no!! I only want what I ordered!

    1. Thanks Khourt. I don't even want the food places to give me the extra food, or else I'll eat it! That's why it's doubly annoying when they charge less for a combo than for just a burger! LOL.