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Monday, May 14, 2012

Sitton Peak

This morning I drove up Ortega Highway for a run with a veteran trail runner, Steve Harvey.  He showed me trails I’ve never heard of, mostly single-track, in the San Mateo Wilderness.  Colorful spring flowers dotted the trail edges.  A welcomed cool breeze blew occasionally beneath a hot sun on often exposed trails.  The trail markers reminded me of make-shift grave markers. 

I got lots of advice on my training plan for Twin Peaks.  And right now I’m feeling a little more confident about what I signed myself up for.  I’m so grateful for this run and the knowledge and confidence I gained.  I am now armed with “I can do it.”  This is opposed to “I’m not sure I can do it.”  Or worse yet, “I doubt I can do it.” 

We ran past a helicopter rotor on the mountain floor.  I couldn’t help imagine the helicopter plummeting down.  You really never know what you’ll come across trail running.  Helicopter parts was a first for me.  We also came to yet another “Four Corners.”  But this one was the meeting of FIVE trails.  LOL.  Then we climbed a foot sliding steep trail to Sitton Peak, where we did some sittin’.  Smile.  The 360 degree views of wilderness was awe-inspiring. 

One piece of advice Steve gave me was to find a good technical downhill and work on really opening up on it.  He said that I won’t run the technical downhills that fast in an ultra, but I’ll run them more confidentially.  We ran a technical downhill on the way back when Steve took off surprisingly fast, hoping from side to side for the best path.  He disappeared from sight in an instant.  I have considered myself a decent technical down hill runner, in fact, this is pretty much my strong point.  This morning I had to push it to catch Steve.  I focused hard, several steps ahead and ran it much faster than I normally would have.  It was a blast!

San Mateo Wilderness with grave-marker-like trail markers:

Sitton Peak:

Running back to the trailhead on trails less-traveled:

It really didn’t seem like this much work! : )My Activities Bear Cyn Sitton Peak Loop 5-14-2012, Elevation - DistanceMy Activities Bear Cyn Sitton Peak Loop 5-14-2012


  1. Very nice! Really great to get advice from someone like Steve. I am also working on my downhill skills and hope to make up lots of time on the downs this year.

    1. Steve is really great Johann. He has given me lots of good advice and shown me trails that I knew nothing about. Funny thing the other day, (well kind of), I bit my tongue running as fast as I could downhill. LOL.

  2. I am always in awe of your elevation profiles. I really need to work on some hill repeats!

    1. Thanks Khourt. Be patience with hills. They don't come easy and it easy to get discouraged. Just keep on pluggin' at it. : )