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Thursday, June 7, 2012


I couldn’t run yesterday because I got a substitute teaching job, then went to my regular job, then my oldest son’s middle school open house.  Therefore, my weekdays’ back-to-back, short/semi-long/short runs had to be adjusted to short/semi-long/rest/short runs.  Actually, I got a sub job today as well, but when I arrived to the high school, I learned the assignment had been cancelled.  So, there I was, awake, coffee’d-up, husband getting the boys off to school . . . IT WAS TIME TO RUN.  (First I returned home and changed – can’t very well run trails in heels!)

I ran into Wood Canyon and up Cholla to West Ridge for an out-and-back to Top of the World.  It’s my best short run route – lots of elevation for a relatively easy run.  And I LOVE elevation (in a sicko kind of way.)

Running up Cholla:

The weather was warm and the skies blue – my favorite running weather.  I earned quite a sweat running up Cholla Trail.  And then, though I ran just a tad faster than my regular pace, I felt like I wasn’t working hard enough.  Running to Top of the World almost felt effortless.  I know that sounds crazy, but this route used to kill me.  Today, I kept thinking, “work harder, you’re not working hard enough.”  And so, here and there, I’d pick up my pace some, both on the uphills and downhills.  I found quickening my pace difficult, but it didn’t “hurt.” 

View of Pacific Ocean from Park Avenue Nature Trail:

Cheers from Top of the World:

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  1. Hehe, I'm imagining you in heels but it aint working for me :)

    1. That's so funny Johann. Before I was a runner, all I ever wore was heels.

    2. I mean, as far as shoes goes. I wore clothes too. LOL.