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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father’s Day Run (Last Day of “Easy Week”)

Happy Father’s Day!  Fortunately today was my last day of an “easy” week.  Granted “easy” in my training plan doesn’t necessarily mean easy.  It simply means less mileage.  

To lessen my time away from home this Father’s Day, I ran straight out my front door.  That meant (gasp) . . .  A ROAD RUN.  Please do not think I have anything against road runners or road running.  As I’ve written before, nowadays, I’m more a trail runner than I am a runner (if that makes any sense). 

I admit, I had a delightful run.  And I was sure to make it a hilly one.  I got in some sand running, and a bit of trails too.  I saw LOTS of other runners and ran through crowds of people.  Also, the wind blew hard the entire six miles.  Amazingly and rather hilariously, every direction I turned, the wind blew straight-on into my face. 

Running down to Dana Strands:

Some seaside running:

Lots of steps to run up to get back to town:

“Headlands” trails:

Overlooking the marina (where I first began runningSmile):

A rare looking elevation profile:My Activities Around town running, strands, headlands 6-17-2012, Elevation - Distance

Again, happy Father’s Day to all you fathers out there.  Me & Dad pictured below (oh ya, and Mickey too):599527_4260168061072_1316968871_n


  1. Somedays its nice to switch things up! Lately Ive just been a treadmill runner :( But Im normally a road with some trails. The rare trails for me are exhilirating!

  2. I agree Convert. Thanks for reading. I find it really hard to get out on the road though. I love trails that much! Happy running!!