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Saturday, June 9, 2012

If Not Now, When?

I woke this morning at 5:00 AM with 18 miles on the training calendar.  I felt tired, had a headache.  And as I dressed for the run, I actually stopped, undressed and got back into my pj’s.  Then I looked around the living room for a blanket to cuddle up in on the couch.  But then I got to thinking.  When am I going to get this long run in this weekend?  I can’t do it later today.  That would take too much time away from family.  I can’t do it tomorrow – the day’s extremely full, not to mention, I’ve got 6 miles on tomorrow’s training calendar.  If I didn’t get my butt in gear, I was going to miss the chance for this weekend’s long run.  So, I bit the bullet, and was in my car driving to Modjeska Canyon at 5:45 in the morning.

Turns out, I’m so glad I made this run.  Sure the start was tough.  Who am I kidding?  The first nine miles is uphill – the first nine miles was tough.  It’s a glorious, wondrous tough.  “Hard fun.”  Plus, I have NEVER seen a more beautiful Harding Truck Trail than I witnessed this morning.  The mountains were green and covered in wild flowers.  And eventually, I was running above the clouds.  I also met up with a couple other runners I know on the trail – runners training for the upcoming Harding Hustle 15k/30k/50k.  (If you are local & like the pictures below, you might consider this trail race)

Scenes from the run I almost missed:

The 1st mile in, I’m not feeling the love.  BUT I did notice the beauty:

Entering the forest:

Making my way up above those clouds:


Made it!  Above the clouds:

All the pretty colors:

These flowers stopped me in my tracks because they reminded me of my great-grandmother, Bessie Husk.  She wore pink costume pearls and had pink lacey things like doilies and pillow cases around her house:

A little reprieve before reaching “Four Corners.”

At last!  Approaching the end of Harding Truck Trail:

Northern/Eastward view from “Four Corners:”

Goofing around at “Four Corners:”

Heading back down:

Elevation Profile & Satellite:My Activities HTT out and back 6-9-2012, Elevation - DistanceMy Activities HTT out and back 6-9-2012

After soaking in the bath at home, I lay down on my bed for a little rest when my father called with the sad news that his brother, my Uncle Bo, died suddenly today.  He was only 59.

Life is short.  Like I had to ask myself this morning, “If not now, when?”  So must I ask myself that daily.  DAILY.

I dedicate today’s beautiful run to you dear uncle. 

R.I.P. David (Bo) Hogan 6/20/52 – 6/9/12


uncle bo


  1. I'm sorry about your uncle. Wonderful to dedicate such beauty to him.

  2. Sending my condolences. Sorry to hear of your loss.

  3. Sorry I missed the run and about your uncle.

    1. Thanks Jeremy. : ) Let me know when you're up for a mountain run!

  4. Sorry to hear about you uncle. Wish I had something witty to say to make you smile but all I've got is "go for a run."

    1. Thanks Neil. That made me smile. : )