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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hot Like a Mutha

I would not say that my training is going great.  However, becoming a runner at a relatively late age, I should know that progress comes slowly.  And I should use that patience I learned as a runner to not get so down on myself for not improving quicker, and not adhering precisely to “The Plan.”  I will admit this:  I finish up my runs stronger than I ever have.  I also warm up on the run a tad bit quicker too.  That’s good news to me. 

I set my alarm to ring out at 5:30 AM this morning.  I woke, made a two-cup-pot of coffee.  My gear was already in a pile by the big chair.  Then I looked for a blanket, curled up on the couch and fell back asleep.  Thank goodness I had the family on my side re: running this morning.  I was able to get out the door by 9:30 AM.  (I had planned to be back before everyone woke)  Who am I kidding?  They practically pushed me out the door.

My feet finally hit dirt around 9:50 AM.  The skies were dark and cloudy.  But it was HOT AND MUGGY.  Sweat poured off my forehead early on in my run.  The air was so thick, I found nasal breathing difficult at times, especially climbing Mentally Sensitive Trail.  It was hot like a mutha, as we used to say where I grew up.  I grew up inland (but still in California), where temperatures routinely rose to 3 digit Fahrenheit.  “Hot like a mutha,” stood for something more profane that I won’t spell out here.  Let me just say, I found great difficulty keeping up my pace with clothing drenched in sweat and the air so dang thick.

At one point in today’s ten mile run, rain came down, and that did little to ease the heat.  Though, I did get some breezes here and there.  

Back at home, closer to the shore, the weather was downright cold for summertime.  Later it rained even harder.  LOL.

Aliso Canyon’s blooms:

Top of the World to you!

Mathis bloom:

Never ceases to amaze me how downright filthy I get running a few trails:

This morning’s profile:My Activities Up Mentally Sensitive down Mathis 7-12-2012, Elevation - Distance

From above:My Activities Up Mentally Sensitive down Mathis 7-12-2012


  1. You will love the sticker we got in our goody bags at my last race. It says: "Trail Runners Get Dirty". I love it!

    1. Definitely love that sticker Johann!! We get filthy! What's super funny to me is that when I take off my shoes and socks I see even my feet are covered in dirt. How does that happen??? : )