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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Incidental Heat Training

Tuesday I made the mistake of driving home after work to change clothes for my run.  I never made it back out the door.  I was simply too tired, and felt badly the whole day over not following my training plan.  Another voice said into my ear, “You’re tired, that means rest!”  And so I napped. 

Today (Wednesday) I dressed for my run before leaving work.  My feet hit the dirt at 12:30 pm, possibly the hottest part of the day.  Unsure what route to run at Aliso/Wood Canyons I aimed for around ten miles.  That’s what my training plan said for today – ten miles. 

As I ran through Aliso Canyon I asked myself whether I wanted misery at the beginning or at the end of my run.  I decided for misery before pleasure.  LOL.  Therefore, I ran into Wood Canyon, where the heat gets trapped and it feels like running through an oven.  I saw a trail friend going in the opposite direction.  He told me it was so dang hot, he turned around at Top of the World and ran straight back, throwing out a longer plan.

I am here to testify that the run was pretty miserable running through Wood Canyon, and it didn’t get any better when I hopped onto Coyote Run Trail (though I got some shade running Coyote).  I also saw a deer racing down a slope halt in his tracks when he noticed me.  I stopped for a better look.  He stood in the forest like a statue, not moving an inch.  And so I ran on, suffering.  Actually, it was miserable running up Rockit Trail too.  Why?  IT WAS DANG HOT!

Coyote Run Trail:

Rockit Trail:

Running the ridgeline (West Ridge) I received the benefit of empty trails and an occasional, lovely breeze during this incidental heat training run.  Top of the World was empty also.  But in Alta Laguna  park I saw some hikers packing up their car after a heat-stroke kind of hike. 

I felt good running along Top of the World.  Though I worried a bit because I didn’t take the time to refill fluids at the park.  Today’s run was one of those that I grew stronger as the miles passed.  And I made the right choice not refilling.  I had plenty of fluids.  And I actually found another crazy person, a hiker going up Meadows as I ran down. 

I finished up Meadows at a much fast pace than I started.  And I finished off Aliso Creek Trail much, much stronger for the heat.  I heard a few rattlers in the brush as I ran by.  And I saw one garter snake.  It practically floated over the grass.  Amazing. 

About to descend upon Meadows: 

The Incidental Heat Training Profile: SmileMy Activities Up Rockit down Meadows 7-11-2012, Elevation - Distance


  1. You are very tough indeed Lauren! I battle in the heat and have to work hard at improving my heat running. My life just works out so that I run early in the morning and that makes me bad in the heat. Well done once again!

    1. Thanks Johann, I've always wanted to be tough! I really do love running in the morning. But with summer school, I now work mornings and HAVE TO run in the afternoons. I'm finding it very difficult. I have to believe that it's making me stronger.