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Friday, September 20, 2013

I am so tired

I woke this morning with aching arm muscles.  Arm muscles!  I haven’t even lifted any weights since Wednesday.  I am just so, so tired.  I wondered if it’s my age, or if I’m just pushing too hard when I haven’t in so long. 

Originally I planned on a ten mile run this morning.  But after my morning chores (which last about 3 hours, from 6:00 to 9:00 AM) I promptly went back to sleep.  At 11:40, I bolted up, remorseful over wasted time.

Wait just one minute girlee.  If you’re that tired, you needed the rest. 

I’m okay with it now.  I had to let the guilt flutter out the window.  That was a must! 

So, on day 24 of my fitness streak, I took off out my front door,

and  went for a nice leisurely run down to the marina this evening. The weather was cool.  Fluffy gray clouds hovered above.  Teenagers roamed about after a long day at school.  I ran out to the beach where beachgoers cooked over bbq’s and surfers waded in the waters,

and then I ran on over to the marina and took in the light reflections on the waters.  The restaurants overflowed with people.  Walkers crowded the sidewalks.  My favorite birds, the pelicans rested upon the docks and flew overhead near the commercial fishing boats.  I love those enormous birds.  They seem so awkward, a lot like myself. Winking smile


In all, I ran 3.70 miles this evening.  And it was lovely to just get out there and run for a short distance.  My pace was much quicker than the trails, and the weather was simply divine. (Still, I felt like I ran ever so slowly)

I also learned what all the posters uptown that read, “Elephant Parade” are referring to.  Our town is holding an artistic fundraiser for the diminishing Asian elephants.  As such, we have numerous, delicately and beautifully painted elephants in various parts of town.  I ran past many, probably 10.  Below are some of those works of art:

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