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Thursday, September 26, 2013

An Autumn Run!

I’m fretting only slightly about Twin Peaks, which is about 3 weeks away.  Fortunately, I’m going for the 50k option (not even considering the 50 mile option).  The 50k will still be quite the task for me, but I will have lots and lots of time to get it done.  So I can walk, crawl or scramble and probably still make the trip (hopefully).  Still, I haven’t got in quite the mileage that I’ve wanted over the past months.  In fact, this summer’s training has probably been one of my worst summer trainings.  That’s ironic since I actually looked forward to summer runs this year.  I don’t ever recall looking forward to summer running before.

Thankfully I got in an autumn run today.  And boy, was it GLORIOUS!  I almost thought that it would rain.  I said, “Bring it on!”  But alas, no rain.  Cool breezes blew practically my entire run.  It felt heavenly.  Even as I “ran” up the big climb, Mentally Sensitive (see elevation chart below).

Climbing Mentally Sensitive:

I always wear my hat backward for a reason (in case you’re wondering from the picture above and the countless others).  One reason is that forward, the cap bill traps in the heat around my race.  And I hate that.  More importantly, the cap with bill forward blocks visibility.  I can quickly recall 4 instances when I ran head-on into a branch wearing the bill of my cap forward.  In one case, I hit so hard that I fell back onto the ground and actually worried about my well-being.  In another case, I hit head-on into a branch twice within 5 minutes of each other (different branches of course). 

So, why wear a cap at all?  Because it catches the sweat from my head.  That way I don’t have as much salt running into my eyes (which hurts like heck).  Anyway, back onto the track . . .

Top of Mentally Sensitive:

I decided on a quick run down Rockit Trail, which is rocky, bumpy and great training for my upcoming Calico Run in January which is rocky to the utmost.  From there, I turned off onto Coyote Run for some gorgeous single track stints through forests and more desert-like terrain.  I learned today that Coyote Run is a favorite weekday trail for mountain bikers.  They were ALL courteous and polite, I am glad to report.

In all I ran almost 12.5 miles.  Happily I ran those last miles in with fuel still in the tank.  I didn’t collapse at the truck!

Coyote run Trail:Running Up Mentally Sensitive, down RockIt 9-26-2013, Elevation

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