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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What a Relief!

Day 28 of my '”Fitness Streak,” I thought I’d merely put in the minimum.  I just had too much to do.  To make time even tighter, today was late-in day (for school) for one boy, and early-out day for the two others.  Why are school schedules so complicated nowadays?  Winking smile

Eventually, I decided to squeeze in a local run between chores. drop-offs, and pick-ups.  This of course meant A ROAD RUN.  Yes!  Another road run.  I really do need road runs more often because I run faster on the road.  You see, I have inadvertently trained myself to run slowly by running high elevation gain trail runs pretty much all the time.  Because of this my legs aren’t used to a quick turnaround.

Thing is, my heel has chronic pain now which I haven’t written much about.  And I only have a little left of the tape that works.  So, I used the “professional” tape I purchased recently at a sporting goods store.  And after wrapping my foot, it did nothing to ease the pain.  NOTHING.  Big waste of $4.  On the good side, the pain forced me to focus more on a mid food strike.  (Right now I’m sitting with my foot elevated taped in the “good” tape, and I have some relief).

SO, I ran down to Doheny Beach and ran the straight away alongside the shore all the way to Capo (Capistrano Beach).  These are rocky beaches, with tons of wet rocks and pebbles that glistened beneath the warm sun.  The birds seemed to like the wet rocks too.  Hundreds of seagulls meandered about undisturbed (until I decided to pay them a visit for a photo-op). 

I stopped running where the sidewalk ends, and turned around headed for the wharf.  The wharf was lovely as usual.  No crowds this afternoon.  I photographed some more elephants from our “Elephant Parade,” and made it back home with seven miles logged.  What a relief to get in a run!

Gateway to the Past – the entryway into Doheny Beach up until the 1930’s.  I think they should still use it:

Elephant Parade:


  1. Oh, no. What's going on with your heel?

  2. Plantar fasciitis. I haven't been doing physical therapy (at home) as I should have been. Now I am on it!