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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Meg’s Miles

My run today is dedicated to Meg Cross Menzies a mother of three who was killed by a drunk driver while out for her morning run, on January 13 this year. She was only 34. Her friend created a facebook event called Meg’s Miles for people to run in her honor today.  Thousands of people hit the pavement and trails in memory of this lady who was loved by many. 

Meg Menzies (from the facebook page in her honor):article-0-1AC2196700000578-108_306x423

I ran 9.46 miles in honor of Meg this afternoon.  I felt very fortunate to have this time to run.  I am very fortunate in countless ways.

I haven’t been to Crystal Cove for ages, so I wasn’t sure when I set out if my loop was a five or nine mile loop.  Turns out this loop was nine miles, and I appreciated every drop of sweat during this hot winter afternoon.

God bless Meg’s family. 

Running No Name, No Dogs, Morro Cyn, Nice & Easy, Fenceline, Bommer Ridge 1-18-2014, ElevationRunning No Name, No Dogs, Morro Cyn, Nice & Easy, Fenceline, Bommer Ridge 1-18-2014


  1. Great run for a great cause. We've had similar incidents here. In one case a drunk driver killed 5 runners. He got only 15 years jail time. So sad.

  2. Five runners! Tragic. These stories are so sad. :(