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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Training Begins

Today my training begins.  Ha!  For what, you may wonder.  For Twin Peaks, which isn’t until October 2014.  I need to start early because I have a LONG way to go.  (Twin Peaks is a 50 mile race with an ungodly amount of elevation gain, run in the local mountains.  If you have read my blog before, you may have read a word or two about the race Winking smile). 

My goal for the remainder of the winter (about 6 weeks left) is to get back running regularly.  In achieving this goal, I am determined to still get in my adventure runs.  I do not want to let go of the fun this time.  Lastly, I aim to rigorously continue physical therapy (ON A DAILY BASIS – when the foot improves I will not lighten up PT). 

Of course, beginning training today is too late for my upcoming 30k race.  I’m all right with this because all races I run before October will be training for the big one, Twin Peaks. 

Back to my first day of training.  It was not an adventure run.  Today’s run was an out-and-back on Arroyo Trabuco Trail in 85F degree weather (approx. 30C).  Yes, I did just write that it’s winter.  I plugged away at 12.47 miles on this lovely, relatively flat trail, in and out of shade.  I made five stream crossings on the way out, the same five on the way back.  On my last crossing, I fell in and drenched both feet!  I was getting a little cocky and went at rock hopping too quickly. 

The beginning (or end) of Arroyo Trabuco starts at a golf course:

My First Creek Crossing:

Clumps of Mistletoe hanging from the Sycamore trees:

One of my favorite spots:  Arroyo Trabuco / Tijeras Creek Trail junction. 


  1. Awesome! My training starts tomorrow.

    1. Awesome for you too Johann. Have fun training!

  2. I know it's still early but good luck at Twin Peaks!

    1. Thanks Neil. I definitely need some luck. ;)