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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Seven Sure-Fire Ways to Kill your Camera

I put another camera to rest, in a bag of rice actually, with the hope that it may start working again.  This camera was the first one that lasted past the extended warranty that I always purchase.  Alas, I will not be purchasing another camera soon.  But I do of course, have my phone (It somehow survived a full water submerge.)  And even the little, inexpensive, old-fashioned cell phones have cameras.  And therefore did I during this morning’s run.   

140122_002Still, a phone is just not the same.  I don’t care what anyone says.  I love my camera-cameras.  And as I ran through Aliso Wood Canyons today, opting to run up Meadows for the first time in a long time, I began to reminisce about my old cameras.  I enjoyed them all; they were all great cameras.  And as I ran up and down those wretched hills,  I recalled each of their destructions and came up with a list of ways I’ve accidentally killed my cameras.  Each of the methods below, I know firsthand will do the trick (but just to be sure, it always helps to have the lens open, especially for drops – lenses go very easily)


  1. SLAM your camera into a boulder.
  2. Throw your camera off a cliff.
  3. Underhand toss your camera down a dirt trail.
  4. Fully submerge yourself with camera in hand, into a pool of water
  5. Set your camera on a boulder so that the wind can blow it off and knock it to the ground (this one particularly, works best when the lens is open).
  6. Keep your camera in a mesh pocket during a rain downpour.
  7. And lastly, merely drop it to the ground (again, remember lens open). 

Sure, I missed a lot of photo-ops on my run today.  I ran within a few feet of a blue heron.  Then watched it fly away with its enormous wingspan.  But I’ve snapped that picture before – dozens of times.  In fact, I’ve probably taken thousands of pictures on Aliso/Wood Wilderness trails.  Running without a “legit” camera freed me some today.  This helped me focus on my run more intently.  Still today, I indulged a little during my 11.46 miles of trail running.  I guess I’m just a photo junkie.  Smile

Climbing Meadows:


Top of Meadows:


Top of the World:


Running Up Meadows down RockIt 1-22-2014, ElevationRunning Up Meadows down RockIt 1-22-2014


  1. I feel for you and relate 100%! I love my cameras and I'm sad to part with them. I've been pretty lucky but we do put them through quite a lot on our runs. A trail run without a camera is worse than being without a watch or GPS I think.

  2. LOL been there and done all of these I think!

  3. I love your blogs because they are full of pictures.. and like you, I prefer a real camera over a phone!

    Ive laid to rest a few cameras.. mostly lens open and they were dropped. So I insisted on buying a "fancier" one without a retractable lens.. and knock on wood, its been dropped multiple times and never broken (yet).. But I wouldn't recommend it for running because its bulky..

    1. My husband has an awesome bulky camera. It takes great pictures, but I wouldn't dream of taking it out on the trail -- I'd probably accidentally throw it off a cliff or something. LOL

  4. I usually use my cell phone (which I have an Otter Box case for because I may drop it) or my GoPro (which is nearly indestructible). I'd look into the GoPro. Pretty small very hardy. Assuming you keep it in the case.

    1. I can't afford a GoPro right now. On my wish list. ;)