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Monday, May 5, 2014

Still Not Ready

I ran my version of The Candy Store Loop once again this past Sunday.  And once again, it kicked my butt.   But I survived.  I fell only once (just a minor scrape to my uninjured knee).  I did not experience heat exhaustion, even amidst a heat wave.  And I did not run out of fluids.  I spotted a orangish-tan colored lizard that I’ve never seen in these mountains.  And I nearly stepped on a salamander.  Fortunately, I didn’t squash the critter, as Sunday, I ran with two friends (one who noticed the critter) – one new friend and one old (Nicole and Emmett).  Wait:  I must hum the tune that I used to sing in Girl Scouts so many, many, many years ago:  “Make new friends, and keep the old.  One is silver and the other gold.”

candystore loop

Though the elevation gain is not extreme for nineteen miles (just over 3,000’) this is one tough route.  It’s tough because of the technical aspect – rocks and boulders, and sand, and boulders, and rocks, and overgrown grass, and rocks, and boulders, and oh ya – scorching sunlight on exposed trail.  Did I mention rocks and boulders? Winking smile 

But it’s all fun.  It really is.  And one of these days, I’ll finally be ready for The Candy Store Loop.

Chiquito Trail:

A Trickle at Chiquito Falls:

Salamander on the Trails:

Ocean View from Old San Juan Trail:

Chiquito Trail View:

Tired Dirty Feet back at The Candy Store (From left to right – Nicole, Me and Emmett):


  1. Nice run! It's good to run with friends from time to time. I do 99% of my training alone but always enjoy a run with friends.

    1. I am a loner on the trails too. Both ways have their advantages. I think I prefer alone, but then when I get out with friends, I always have a great time.