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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Better For It

Being that my regular teaching job is mainly evenings and sometimes Saturdays, I pretty much get to pick when I work during the day.  I substitute teach Kindergarten through 12th grade during the day.  Normally, I like to take as much work as I can get.  Today, I did not accept a single assignment because I wanted to hit the trails.  I have an extremely full schedule up ahead of assignments.  I gave myself a day off.  (The only advantage of not having a full-time contract). 

I ran far (12.08 miles), but not that hard.  On a total and complete whim, I took a turn out of Wood Canyon onto Coyote Run Trail.  And I back-tracked.  Yes, I back-tracked!  This is very odd and peculiar because I hate, hate, hate back-tracking.  But I had good reason (I think).  I back-tracked so that I could run up RockIt, which is also very odd and peculiar.  I have avoided running UP RockIt for quite some time.  I don’t know what exactly got into me today.  I will say that the climb was not utterly miserable.  It was quite enjoyable in fact.  I hiked when I needed to and considered that practice for Twin Peaks.   

Coyote Run:


I would tell you more.  But it’s probably much of the same that you’ve already read before if you’ve visited Laurenontherun prior to this.  It’s late, and I do have an assignment with an early morning start.  And so, I’ll just end with this:  I am sore after today’s run through the hills, but I am better for it – both mentally and physically.  I made some significant strides mentally.  And I think that overall, that is better than physically.

Happy running!  And thanks for reading. Smile

5 8 14 satellite map5 8 14 elevation profile


  1. A good decision on your part Lauren. The two times I've ran/hiked Twin Peaks it seems apparent that maybe it's not so much the 52 miles that takes it's toll but the climbs that will test your limits. Elevation gain is EVERYTHING! This year you will put all the pieces of the puzzle together and get it done. Stay strong and train smart. You rock!!!

    1. Thanks Hank. I will try to train smart (not my strong point), but it's now or never! Time is running out (date of this writing 7/17/14)