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Monday, September 22, 2014


This past week has been so hectic, with work and other projects (more later on the “other projects”), that I opted to cross train three days in the gym.  Finally, on the last day of the week (or first day for some), I made it out to the trails in the coastal hills above Laguna Beach.  I ran fifteen miles, and I tried to kick up my heels a bit.  But I was so dang fatigued.  Still, I tried, and that has to amount to something, if not a tiny bit of improvement. 

The best thing about Sunday’s run, besides the fact that my feet were finally pounding dirt, was that the heat had finally broken.  Yes!  There was a cool(ish) breeze blowing my way, and all I could think was, “Thank God!”  I have really let this summer’s heat take its toll on me.  I needed it to end.  And on Sunday it did.  At least for now.  Autumn, my friends, has stepped through the door.  And with autumn, I spotted my first cluster of crawdads.  I don’t know if they suddenly come out in autumn, or if I just happen to notice them in autumn (because I’m not dying from heat otherwise). 

Crawdads playing in the autumn waters Smile

Wood Canyon:

Greetings from Top of the World:

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  1. I'm glad the heat is over for you. We are in spring here and I'm loving it!