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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Happy Places

Booked solid with work, some of which I hope to elaborate on in a later post, I am barely able to fit in trails (or anything else for that matter).  This of course is most unfortunate being that Twin Peaks Ultra is just around the corner.  I am so far behind in my training that I am not even shaking in my boots.  I’d be shaking in my boots if I had a chance at finishing the fifty mile course.  As it stands (and will continue to stand), I don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell at finishing.  (Still, I will line up at the start line). 

Until then, I will continue to live when I can in my happy places.  Thursday, I was finally able to run out to the coastal hills.  I dropped by some low-lying caves along Cave Rock Trail, and sat in them to enjoy life from their perspective. 

Then I ran over to the “big” cave, Dripping Cave, also known as “Robber’s Cave,” for much needed coolness in the air, as the heat had returned on Thursday.   

And since I was so close to Car Wreck Trail, I ran on over to the wreck, which has apparently slipped even further down the slope.  Miles totaled 7.13.  The best thing I witnessed was a crawdad sliding backwards down a small waterfall along Wood Creek.  Looked like so much fun. 

I didn’t make it back out to the trails until today, Saturday.  Today, I worked the Holy Jim Aid Station for The Saddleback Trail Marathon.  Most fortunate because I got to hang with a great group, and see lots of friends.  I also got to hear the awesomely loud cracking sound of giant trees falling to the ground.  Several Holy Jim firemen were chopping down dead trees along Trabuco Trail.  To top today off, I also got 5.4 miles of trails run today while I marked the course.  Worst thing:  a bee stung my upper arm. Best thing:  the weather was cool, very cool! 

Did I mark this junction enough?  Winking smile  No one, and I mean no one was going to take W. Horsethief by accident on my watch.

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