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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Road Training

Waiting patiently for the season to change. Smile with tongue out Waiting patiently for something to give, for some kind of routine . . . until then, I’ll get my runs in when I can, dare I write it, WHERE I can.  Yes, today, I saved on gasoline and time, and ran out the front door for a quick road run totaling 5.6 miles.  

Running above traffic to the beaches:

I warmed up quickly with my usual late start.  And quite different from my usual trail runs, I was in the company of lots of other runners.  As I am getting ready for school to start, as well as, interviewing for jobs, I may be hitting the road a few more times as I head up toward the Spartan Beast where I am sure to die an epic death (figuratively speaking).

Hoping to hit the trails soon.  Until then, I think I can take these beach scenes for a little bit longer. 

If you are moved to donate to The Semper Fi Fund, you can do so using this link for my Support Through Sport page. Smile

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