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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Caught out in the Dark (again)

Christmas day wiped me out.  I had hoped to hit the trails 7:00 AM the next day.  Not the case.  It took me all day, the next day to recuperate.  I didn’t hit the trails until 3:30 PM on the 26th, and as I headed into Wood Canyon, I realized it was much too cold out to venture onward without warm clothes.  Problem was, I’m not used to cold weather running, so I forgot my long sleeved shirt.  Fortunately, I have a truck full of junk and was able to scrounge up a beanie and pair of knit gloves from the backseat.  They did wonders keeping me comfy for my 6.4 mile run up to Top of the World and back.  I had to laugh to myself when once again, I got caught out in the dark.  Obviously, I’m also not used to running in the evening.  All’s well that ends well however  The night was beautiful, with birdies and bunnies scampering about as the sun made it’s final descent.  I found myself running back down Cholla Trail a bit cautiously because I could not make out the depth in the ground. And I made my way back up Wood Canyon and Canyon View Park in pitch-black darkness.   

Coming around the bend to Top of the World:Last ascent to Top of the Word (overlooking Laguna Beach, CA):Heading back on West Ridge with a view of Saddleback Mountains (Cleveland National Forest):Gazing at the moon on Cholla Trail:

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