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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Runs for a Tough Year (2014)

2014 has been a year of struggles – my running has not been the least of those struggles.  Suffice to say, running nears the top of of the list of 2014’s struggles.  So, you might imagine my surprise when I totaled 2014’s miles to find that this year’s 1,413.25 miles is the third highest since I began this adventure called running in 2007.  THIRD highest.  

I ended 2014’s runs with friends and alone, in the mountains and on the beach.  The best of both worlds.

Sunday, I met up with running friends at Harding Truck Trail.  It was a pre-storm, cold winter weather day.  The higher we climbed, the colder it grew.  It was a tough, tough 18.5 miles, at times feeling so fatigued I don’t know how I put another foot forward.  So glad to have friends to see me through it.

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Today, on the last day of 2014, I didn’t much want to run off the trails being that today is a very popular drinking day – didn’t feel like dodging driving drunken drivers.  The trails were closed due to “wet and muddy conditions,” and my gym, though open 24 hours most days, closed early tonight.  But it was early enough, I believed, to run safely out in the streets. And so I onward toward the beaches I ran as the sun made it’s descent on the California’s coast.   

The 4.5 miles were cold with views of snow covered mountains.  The beaches were fairly empty.  I ran solo along the wharf and when the night finally enveloped us on the west coast, I phoned my husband to ask him to bring the two boys that were home, down to the harbor so that we could take in the marina lights.  And that’s how I ended this night’s run, walking through the marina with my two youngest sons and hubby. 

Happy New Year!


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