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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Catching Up

The sun barely shines around here as we head off into summer.  Instead, most days the marine layer floats above us so thick that puddles form on the ground.  Often, I need to run the wind shield wipers as I drove the boys to school in the morning.  June gloom we call it. I much prefer blue skies

Despite the gloom and crazy-hectic schedule, I have managed to get in two solid weeks of training (though I haven’t written a single word about them). I am so pleased to have succeeded in actually training these past two weeks – and perhaps I owe my progress in part to my two new Marine Corps Historic Half  hats sent to me by Lumberjack (notice the pink and white caps in the photos below).   I think the east coast has better hat vendors then we do on the west – these are the softest most comfortable hats I’ve ever worn! I love them. 

And so, without further ado, it is time to catch up on my training notes.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESMonday, June 1, the sun decided to show its face early in the afternoon.  I set out for the steepest trail in Aliso/Woods Canyons, taking on Mentally Sensitive Trail at a snail’s pace.  It was one of those rare occasions lately that when I reached the ridge I could actually see the Pacific Ocean – It was not covered by a blanket of clouds.  Feeling somewhat out-of-shape, I closed up my loop by running down Meadows, a nice steep switch-back into the canyon.  The prizes for this run:  I ran up on two snakes and ran 8.16 miles with 1,029’ of elevation gain.


My two snakes:


Tuesday, June 2, it was dark and gloomy and I just couldn’t bear getting out there on the trails. I hit the gym and did 6.13 miles on the motion trainer, 10.81 miles on the bike and got in some weight training.

Wednesday, June 3, I was back at the gym, mainly because of time constraints, and it was so damn gloomy out.  I did 4.81 miles on the elliptical crossramp and 5.98 miles on the cycle before rushing out the door. 

Thursday, June 4, it was once again back to the gym beneath dark cloudy skies, with 7.14 miles on the motion trainer, 4.7 miles on the cycle and some more weights. 

It was not until Friday, June 5, when the sun finally decided to grace us with its appearance that I headed out for another run.   I was pretty dang bummed out when I realized that I had forgotten my garmin.  So, I sat in my truck for a good twenty minutes and downloaded the MapMyRun app onto my phone, set up an account etc., to find that the gps app added about two miles onto my run, crossing me over 8 lanes of the toll road even.  Whoa.  Since this out-and-back is a usual route for me, I have lots of data on the course, so I know I ran approximately 6.8 miles with  961’ elevation gain.  I felt good about it. 


Saturday, June 6, back to cloudy yucky skies, and the gym for 6.53 miles on the elliptical crossramp and some weights.  

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSunday, June 7, I waited until afternoon when the sun finally showed up, and ran a big loop at Crystal Cove and Laguna Wilderness.  This too is a semi-usual route, but this time, I ran it counter-clockwise because I hate, absolutely hate climbing out of this loop along No-Name Ridge which is a 4 mile uphill with no cover whatsoever.  This time, I ran down No-Name, all the way to the Pacific Ocean, which I stopped by for a quick “hello”.  In all, I ran 10.7 miles with1,462’ elevation gain.


Monday, June 8, bye-bye sun (boo-hoo).  Back to the gym for 4.87 miles on the elliptical crossramp, 9.45 miles on the cycle and some weight training. 

Tuesday, June 9,  REST. Flirt male

Wednesday, June 10, the skies were dark and cloudy once again, but I decided to go to the sun.  After some freeway driving, and eventually some off-roading, I found myself in the lovely humid, but sunny Trabuco Canyon.   Much to my dismay however, gnats swarmed my face and ears.  Not having grown accustomed to those buggers this year, I was not able to embrace the gnats.  At one point, I snorted three up into my nose and aghast by this fact, I opened my mouth (never open your mouth in a swarm of gnats!).  With my mouth open, I swallowed a gnat or two, and chocked on them!  Almost just as bad as the gnats were the biting flies.  There were much fewer of these critters – but their bites were overwhelmingly annoying.  Still, it was a lovely, lovely run, so full of beauty (even going up the wretched W. Horsethief).  The terrain was also quite difficult, treacherous in fact, full of rocks and boulders where I nearly tripped and broke my neck a dozen times.  Thankfully, I kept upright the entire trip.  Obviously, I have grown out of practice on this technical terrain.   In all, I put in 5 miles during this short run, with 1,552’ of elevation gain.


The base of W. Horsethief:SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Going down W. Horsethief:SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Thursday, June 11, the marine layer once again socked in the coast and I put in 6.54 miles on the elliptical crossramp at the gym. 

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESFriday, June 6/12 I went out beneath wet, soggy skies for a big loop at Aliso/Wood Canyons.  A freaky, ghost-like cold mist blew through the canyons and the ridges alike.  The ocean was nowhere to be seen.  But that was okay.  I needed this run, and am happy I got to do it in cool weather.  I ran 12.47 miles with 1,258’ elevation gain.


West Ridge & Meadows:


Saturday,  June 13,  REST. Be right back

Sunday, June 14, we got some sun, but after a pretty social weekend, I decided to sleep in and hit the gym later with 4.78 miles on the elliptical crossramp and 11.65 miles on the bike.

And now, I am caught up.  Here’s hoping I can up the ante over the next two weeks.

Thanks again Lumberjack for the terrific hats!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the hats. Wish I had pretty ocean views here! I just have smelly swamps and brown river water. And don't get me started on the flies. Yuck.