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Friday, November 27, 2015

My Own Personal Turkey Trot

Aside from bouts of treadmill torture, I did not get out for my first run this week until Thursday morning, Thanksgiving Day.  And what a wonderful day to run.  Sure, it was on pavement, and that put great fear in my heart, as the pavement is not kind to my foot condition.  But the fear was quickly put to bed by the extraordinarily beautiful big, puffy clouds, some of them threatening to storm.  And the streets were so festive, humming with people, all wearing runners bibs for our city’s annual Turkey Trot.  As I ran, I did not spend the time to contemplate all the things that I’m thankful for (though I have lots to be thankful for).  Instead, I merely took in the scenes and ran with a blank mind (only occasionally performing random mathematical equations in my head or typing out strings of gibber on an imaginary keyboard). This is not to say that the short distance I ran was not difficult.  It was difficult.  But the best things are always difficult.  Right?

I ran slightly more than the turkey trot, around 4.10 miles (approximately 6.6 km, whereas the turkey trot is 3.11 miles, or 5 km).  No foot pain whatsoever.  Barely even a limp all day.  That I am truly thankful for, not to mention these gorgeous scenes along the way:


Happy Thanksgiving!

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