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Monday, February 6, 2017

Maple Springs–a Slice of Heaven

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI left my home under darkness Saturday morning – FINALLY, I hit the trails early in the morning. This I have to thank to Sheila and Robert who met me at the Maple Springs trailhead and accompanied me for the first three miles of this out-and-back.  (I remember fondly back when I was a true morning person – now I’m neither – not a night or morning person, just a tired person).

There were many creek crossings along the way to the dirt road that makes its way up to Four Corners. I gingerly made my way across hoping from rock to rock, following Sheila’s lead (who by the way has amazing grace and balance). And though it’s only a minimal climb those first three miles, I was feeling it when my friends had to turn back. And it was kinda sad to see them go, but at the same time, I knew that I would relish the alone time.

I didn’t do much running on the way up Maple Springs Road. The climb gets quite steep compared to what I’m used to. It was a strenuous hike much of the way. And one filled with handfuls of joyful people making the same trek, both by foot and mountain bike. Our rains turned the mountain sides green, and left behind muddy ground and puddles along the way. The weather was cold too (delight! delight!). Though I found the trek up difficult, I never once regretted my decision of going to Four Corners, nor did I even think once of cutting it short.

I ran all the miles back to my truck, which made my trip a total of 15 miles. Understandably, that last stretch was quite miserable – the bottoms of my feet hurt. Hell, my whole body hurt, as it was difficult focusing and keeping up the core strength so that I did not fall on the way back. I had no strength to hop rocks across the creek. So, I just splashed through the wonderfully cold water. But, oh, did I suffer back at home. Barely able to make it up the front steps, I grabbed some lunch (if my memory serves me correctly, I believe I heated up some frozen fish and rice). Then I soaked in a warm bath for a good long time, which refreshed me some. But by 4:00 PM, I was so wiped out, unable to even do the simplest chores, I fell asleep on the living room coach. I asked my middle son to wake me at 4:30 because I wanted to prepare dinner for the family. At 4:30 when he woke me, I said, “Okay, make it 5:00 instead.” Then at 5:00, I said, “5:30,” and that’s when my husband said, “No, don’t start dinner til 6:00, rest til then.” And that I did. (Elevation gain for that 15 miles was nearly 3,000’ and I’m not used to that anymore . . . but I will be Smile)

For dinner, I prepared tacos.

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