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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

After the Rest

I took my two days off as promised.  I didn't even get to strength training (like planks : ( 

Story is, I was forced into total relaxation, because on Father's Day (of all days!) I was victim of a four car pile-up.  Thank God we are all okay. (No one at the scene needed immediate medical attention.)  Most importantly, my three boys weren't even sore the next day.  My back, hip and neck on the otherhand ached.  By day two, lower to mid back really irritated me, so much so, I took Alleve to handle the pain.   I tried not to grow angry about what this was going to do to my 50k training.  Instead I focused on how we "dodged a bullet" and that my husband and boys are all okay.

I woke this morning with no back pain whatsoever.  Neck and hip felt good, so after dropping my three sons off at their schools, I hit the pavement.  Yes, pavement.  I decided to skip the trail for safety reasons.  If I did have a messed-up back, I certainly didn't want to jostle it around on uneven terrain.

So I set out under sunny skies, coconut water in my handheld (Nuun and Pedialyte powder in my belt).  And I gleefully ran.  I mean GLEEFULLY.  This was such an easy-going, FLAT run, I literally couldn't believe it.

I ran along Doheny, through the smoke-filled campgrounds (twice) through Capo Beach, up to the jetty.  The wharf was crowded with tourists, children on bikes.  Everything was oh so beautiful.  And I felt so rested.  After the island, I headed for the cliffs.  And before my turnaround, I stretched my IT band.   

Running up PCH back home (the largest incline of today's run) the right hip began nagging.  And here's sort of an odd thing, about an hour after arriving home, I was freezing, I mean, bundled up on the bed cold.  My husband said, "It's not cold."  Then he asked, "How many miles did you run?  Don't lie."

As if I would lie about mileage.  It's just not in my blood. : )

I ran 12.75 miles this morning.  And I napped from about 2pm til 4 this afternoon.  Was I not ready for this run, or was a just simply tired over a trying weekend?  (I did afterall wake at my usual weekday hour 5:30 AM today -- who wouldn't be tired?)

Glad to be back.  I may, just may stay away from the trail for the a couple more days just to see if the back pain returns.

Mosiac above is on pedestrial bridge that crosses over to Doheny

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