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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Quail Hill

I went out this morning for OCTR’s New Member Run at Quail Hill in Irvine.  We had quite a turn-out.  Eleven runners showed up for this 7:00 AM run. 

The skies were cloudy, the air was cool.  I wore my new hydration pack (Ultimate Direction), the one I’ll wear from here on out, at least until Bulldog.  I got it especially for Bulldog, mainly because it holds more water than mine, and also has lots of storage space.  That means I can get rid of the runner’s belt, taking weight off my lower back when I run (ahhhh).

I’ll make this blog entry quick, as I’ve had a trying week, well, trying month . . . let’s make that a trying year.  And I’ve been unusually tired the past few days (even though I’m getting plenty of sleep). 

We all ran the first five miles together, then about six of us turned off for about five more, hilly miles.

I was beat (in more ways than one).  On the good side, I tripped hard once, and did not fall – that’s a good thing : )  I’m gonna say that I didn’t fall because my core is stronger.

Miles logged: 10.21

Amy, Tom, Morgan, Dave, Me, Dylan, Robert, Jim, Cathy, Kelly, Janet. 


Part of 2nd five milesCIMG5956

Love that spring colorCIMG5959

Cyclists starting out as I stumble on in : )



  1. Very cool! You know - I've run all over in Laguna Coast, El Moro, etc., but I've never run Quail Hill - only when I run past doing a Shady Canyon/San Diego Creek loop. I'll need to check it out.

  2. Quail Hill's not one of my favorites, but it can lead to all sorts of opportunites (and there's restrooms and a drinking fountain at the trailhead -- Yeah!)

    Where is San Diego Creek?