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Friday, June 25, 2010

Practicing Caution

As I approach the biggest physical challenge of my life, I find myself practicing EXTREME caution.  It seems like before every big race, something happens, a hip injury, the flu, a fall, a hip injury . . . a hip injury  : /

I am so paranoid about injury that I am focusing on strength this time around, much more than endurance.  In other other words, I trying hard to forget about racking up the mileage. I figure I "have" endurance.  I hope so anyway.   Instead, I want to increase muscle strength.  Of course, that's leaving me a little apprehensive.  Coming in under twenty miles last week (& probably this week too, worries me some).  But I've already decided it's better to go into Bulldog 50k this August without injury, than having piled up the mileage.

After the knee and back problems from the Las Flores marathon, then back and hip problems from my auto accident, I've been taking it easy mileage-wise.  After Tuesday's run, my right hip ached a bit.  Last minute I decided lay off running.  Over the past 3 days, I've spent two at the gym on the elliptical crossramp (12 miles total) and spent much of my time weight training -- not to mention rolling and icing the hip (& stretching, stretching, stretching). 

Tomorrow will be my first run back, bringing my total under 30 miles this week again.  But that's okay.  Caution, caution, caution.  That's where I'm at right now. 

Miles logged:  0


  1. You need a solid foundation to build anything of substance so there is nothing wrong with being cautionary when you start to build!

  2. Thanks Stuart! Ever since I started weight training and trying to build core strength, I actually feel weaker. I know that can't be. It must be that I'm just so much more tired now.