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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back in the Saddle

All day Saturday after the race as well as Sunday, I felt nauseated.  I had no appetite, though I forced myself to eat.  I also took naps.  Sunday, my limbs were stiff, stiff, stiff, so I was sure to walk about doing chores and such.  Sitting was not a good thing – it was like I turned to stone when I sat.

Monday, I went to the gym, rode 18 miles on the bike, did weights and core work.  My muscles felt much looser. 

Tuesday, I felt it was time to get back out there and run.  I took off running out my front door in the evening.  The weather was humid, though I had a nice cool breeze blowing.  At first, I ran angrily, like I had a grudge against my body.  I tried to run fast, but I was still just so tired.  About half way in, I finally began to relax.  I told myself to ENJOY.  Sweating profusely, I did finally enjoy myself and I ran the big hill home (Golden Lantern) fairly easily.  Still, I was more fatigued than I would have normally been after only six miles.

A beauty of a night Tuesday.

Miles logged: 6.38

Running on the island, full moon’s reflection glistening across the harbor mouth – can’t beat that!



  1. In your race report, you noted it was warmer night than you are used to and then you have a picture of yourself in a hot tub. I wonder if you got yourself overheated and dyhdrated before the race even began.

    It will take more than 2 or 3 days before you probably will feel like your normal self after you get overheated like that and the current weather won't help. Don't rush back too quickly.
    It is good to see you did enjoy your training. Don't make it a job.

  2. Good point Eric. I was hydrating weeks before, maybe that was a mistake. And maybe the jacuzzi was a mistake too -- I was hoping that it was going to loosen up some tight glute and hip muscles.

    I think my 2 biggest mistakes were 1) I should have filled my pack with a sports drink and not water and 2) I didn't train in the heat.

    Taking it nice and slow now, really just want to enjoy again. Thanks for all your advice!