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Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 A Look Back

Happy New Year!  As I sit in this motel room in Deming, NM and write my New Years Blog, I can’t help but look back.  I’m usually always looking forward – I’m “The Planner.”  If you’ve visited my blog, you know that already.  For most, the new year is a time for looking forward.  For me, I just have to look back, at least one time.  The last time. 

I must quote Dickens when I say that 2010 was “the best of times and it was the worst of times.”  But I also have to admit that as far as fitness goes, it was not the worst of times (though I did not lose a single pound – however, that is not a real goal of mine, otherwise I would have achieved it). 

In 2010:

I ran 1,205.80 miles (mostly on the trail), did 342.27 sweaty miles on the elliptical crossramp.  I swam 31,450 yards, would have like to have done more, but any swimming I can get is great.  I LOVE to swim. Swimming to me is like flying, at least the closest I can get to physically flying.   I also cycled 178.44 miles.  I know that’s no great feat, but I’m no cycler and just do it for cross training “easy” days at the gym.  I also (can you believe I count these??) did 32,101 crunches.  I didn’t count how many planks or back exercises I did.  Nor how many times I cried over not being able to run.  Nor how many times I woke early and simply drank coffee, racing to get the boys off to school, then zoned at the p.c., deciding on household chores instead. But I will say that I had many exciting, happy and even some disappointing days on the trail. All of those miles – well worth it! 

I saw rattlesnakes, bobcats, deer, hawks and more.  I ran across gopher snakes, and even a fox most recently and uncontrollable dogs.  I came across an historic cemetery and an old car wreck.  I filmed many trails and enjoyed them all to no end.  I am happy to be a trail runner in 2010. 

2010 was also a year of many injuries.  It started off with a left hip injury that took physical therapy visits and mucho education to conquer.  There was the pelvis injury due to the car accident.  And also the glute/sciatic nerve issues, not to mention back spasms (probably related to the latter).  Fellow bloggers helped more than any through these.

At the end of 2010  I’m UNINJURED with a host of daily exercises to remain that way, if I want to keep up my love for the trails. (And I do, I do, I do.)

In 2010, I also ran 3 marathons, all tough, tough, tough, which I learned much.  I learned about calories during long runs, how to keep my mind calm and not panic.  I learned more about how to recover, and I conquered cramping this year better than last.  This year was also the first DNF (Did Not Finish) for me and DFL (Dead Friggin’ Last).  And I survived both of them.  I took the DNF much, much harder than the DFL (I actually cherished the DFL). 

I ran 11 races in 2010 (much under 2009’s number of races, but more miles than 2009’s races).  And best of all, I met new runners, and met up with runners I’ve run with before, and best of all, though I’m not a great, or even that good of a runner, I’m still a runner.

2010 was the year that:

We welcomed two beautiful baby girls into the family – one on the hubby’s side (Addison) and the other on my side (Miriam).

Our youngest boy entered kindergarten and met a great friend.

My oldest son added another instrument to his repertoire (the mandolin) and went to middle school (& not to mention broke his foot!).

My middle son went another year without a surgery and grew more confident and less anxious about school.

The housing market continued to fall in California and I saw more friends lose their jobs and houses. (Some moving out of The O.C. entirely)

I got to spend almost an entire summer with my east coast family who visited while my brother went to Afghanistan, AND

The oldest of my brothers returned from Afghanistan safe and sound. 

My middle brother was discharged from the military on a medical disability.

My car was totaled in a four car pile-up (but at the same time, THANKFULLY, our boys were not injured).

Our dear, dear dog Daisy died. (I still cry), and I WILL NEVER FORGET HER.

My parents home was TERRIBLY burglarized. (But no person was physically harmed, and that is the most important).

I rode an ambulance to the hospital with my son (and the Ambulance driver asked me the best way to get the freeway : ) Then not too soon afterward, I unfortunately took the trip by myself for unrelated issues.

I attended my second Writer’s Conference (& got a hook!)

Two long time neighbors moved (so sadly, but good news for them). 

My cousin’s son’s leukemia continued into remission. (Halleluiah!)

Our main computer crashed. 

Our backyard neighbor’s tree crashed down and we both had to build a new fence (good news, better than building a new garage).

And best of all, we got to visit Texas again after two long years.

But, sadly, sons cry over leaving too early.

This is what I remember from 2010.

I also purchased no new clothes in 2010.  I simply threw catalogues away without even perusing.  And I learned I could easily live with that!

And though my calves and quads and hamstrings grow stronger and stronger, I really couldn’t really care less.   All I want is to have fun exploring trails (not to mention wealth, health and happiness for my sons).  I’m just a girl who wants to have funnnn!  And fun to me is running up or down trails I’ve yet to venture.

Hiking on the Miertschin Ranch (Me and my SILLY boys).

ranch with boys


  1. You had a wonderful year! All the best for 2011!

  2. Thanks Johann. Looking forward to 2011. Happy New Year!

  3. What a cute family!! Happy New Year to you!