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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Run

The weather took a turn on us in Texas on this delightful Christmas morning.  The birdbath in the yard had a layer of frozeCIMG8274n water.  And when that wind blew, it felt a lot colder than freezing.   Some family members told me that it was too cold to run.  Ha.  That’s pretty funny, because I know that once I get running, no matter how cold it is, the layers start coming off.  And then I went outside.  Yup.  It was cold, cold, cold.  (Thing is, I MUCH  prefer running in this kind of cold than in the heat.)  And it was about 11:00 in the morning when it should have been warming up (by my California standards that is : )

Frozen Bird BathCIMG8276

But I went for a leisurely run anyway.  You know how Christmas morning is?  As much as some of us look forward to it, the day with family or friends, good food, cozy times, it can be quite hectic and loud.  I needed to wind down.

Posing for my Christmas Run


The ranch was serene as usual.  Empty as usual.  And at times, boy did that cold wind blow.  I felt comfortable though, and with this speed training, a leisurely run is oh so easy, fun, seemingly so natural.  I ran much of the same loops that I ran the other day.  Through the cow pasture, through Post Oak Groves and out to two stock ponds.  Then I ran the fence all the way to the dry creek bed, where I lost my water bottle.  I had no trouble finding the road back, because my husband has been driving it over the past couple days so I would have tire tracks to follow.

CIMG8280 CIMG8284

Not often I will get to feature a trail on video in Texas.  So, here it is, what I first called “Dry Creek Trail” but now think “Fox Tail Trail” is more appropriate.


Miles logged today:  5.13


  1. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas! See you on the trails of OC!

  2. Thanks Stuart & Glenn. Loved running in Texas, but sure am glad to be back to my California trails (which I heard are CLOSED due to "wet & muddy" conditions.