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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Two Parks Before The Rain

I posted a group run for Crystal Cove this morning, tCIMG7907hen learned I wouldn’t have access to a car.  So I woke a little earlier.  And I walked down to the bus stop and waited for a bus in the dark.  I don’t mind taking the bus.  In fact, I kind of like it.  I get to look at all the shops and landscaping along the way without the fear of slamming into the car ahead of me (not that there’s many cars on the road at this hour anyway.)

First the good news:  1) The bus was on time and even arrived at my destination 5 minutes early, 2) The weather was perfectly cool, 3) and five perfectly cool people showed up to join me on this run (Hank, Sheila, Vicky, Rick and Kelly) and then 4) I had absolutely no piriformis muscle pains or any pains whatsoever.

The bad news:  No bad news! (Oh, except maybe that I was a little worn out for today’s run)

Rick, Kelly, Sheila, Vicky, Hank on “No Name Trail” (that’s really the name : )


Rick, Kelly, Me, Sheila, Hank


We ran up, up, up on a trail (a fire road) called “No Name,” that I think should be renamed “No Relief.”  From there we hit a single track, eventually making our way to the top.  Well, almost the top.  We cut it a little short to run 2 other single tracks just beneath the ridge.  Then we ran Moro Ridge back and with my directions ran us directly into a dead end.  Backtracking some, we picked up Moro Ridge again, eventually making a 9 1/2 mile loop back at the ranger station.

Then Sheila, Hank and I took off for another run up to the top – the top-top this time, Bommer Ridge.  I had this notion to try and connect my park (Aliso Wood Cyns) with Crystal Cove.  So after running through a lovely El Moro Canyon to the top, Sheila and Hank veered to the left to complete their loop.  I took off to the right out of Crystal Cove Park into Laguna Wilderness Park with no idea how many miles lay ahead before I reached Aliso/Wood.

I was feeling pretty dang tired.  But after some calories and a bit more hiking, I got my second pair of legs and was off running again.  Bommer Ridge went on much longer than I expected.  And then Aliso/Wood Cyns came into sight.  I was actually running parallel to West Ridge (one of my regular trails) as I ran along Bommer.  Still, it was a long way off, and I ran out of fluids before I even reached Big Bend, the long steep down hill that would bring me into Laguna Canyon. 

Making it happily and without injury to Laguna Wilderness’s parking lot, I looked up at the nasty climb that would take me into Aliso/Wood and knew I wouldn’t be able to make it without fluids.  So I called my husband for a ride home and spent a good long while stretching these old muscles after running nearly 18 miles through two different parks.  But not before calling hubby back really fast with a special request:  “Please, please, bring water!”

Tonight the rain pours down.  I’m sitting here practically giddy that I got in such a good run before they closed the trails : ))

View of Saddleback from Fence Line Trail


Waiting for Lauren : )


Heading down Moro Ridge


El Moro Canyon’s Beauty

CIMG7921 CIMG7922


A Dead Baby Rattler on Elevator Trail : (


A view of El Moro Canyon from Bommer Ridge


Running Big Ben (highest peak in background is Top of the World at Aliso/Wood Canyons Park)


Laguna Ridge Trail


Portrait of Big Bend Trail in parking lot


 Elevation Profile: +3,059’ My Activities Crystal Cove 12-5-2010, Elevation - Distance

Miles logged:  17.65 (Route:  No Dogs Trail to No Name Ridge, right on Ticketron, up Deer Canyon, Fence Line Trail, Missing Link Trail, Moro Ridge to B.F.I. back to ranger station, El Moro Canyon, Elevator Trail to Bommer Ridge, Big Bend Trail down to Laguna Ridge and parking lot, Entrance #7 to Laguna Coast Wilderness Park)

My Activities Crystal Cove 12-5-2010


  1. I am so glad you were able to take a bus and make it to your awesome run. As always, those pictures are breathtaking.

  2. Super run and fantastic photos! Beautiful place to run!

  3. It's so cool green girl to take the bus, because then it doesn't matter where you end up on your run. I could have taken the bus back, but my husband wanted to pick me up : )

  4. Thanks Johann, it was a super run. And most importantly, I recovered ASAP. Sometimes I take too much time on the photos, but I probably won't stop clicking away anytime soon.

  5. awesome pics. glad you got to run with Hank - he rocks! I'm sure the others do too - I just don't know them :)

  6. Thanks Jessica. Ya, Hanks very cool. And he never gets tired does he? People who can keep running up, up, up amaze me!

  7. That's one long ass trail run! The next time you do this, at thetop of Moro Ridge (where all the trails come together just past Emerald Canyon), hang a left and go down Willow. You end up at the Laguna Coast main parking (right over by the 73) where you can cross Laguna Canyon and pick up Steps and end up on West Ridge. Realy cool how all these trails connect!

  8. I definately want to go that way Glenn. I'm wondering though if that's an easy place to cross the canyon. Some parts are kinda scarey and I'm too afraid to cross because of the cars flying by. I love the idea of coming up on West Ridge too. Maybe next Laguna Coast run. Thanks for the suggestion.

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