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Thursday, December 30, 2010


I went for an afternoon run today, something I rarely do in California.  But the weather was cool and only 6 more miles was going to knock me over the 1,200 mile mark for 2010.  That’s less than 2009, but I’m still dang satisfied with 1,200.  Especially due to all my injuries, and especially, especially due to the fact that I used to think that running was about the worst thing a person could ever put themselves through (on purpose!)

Ready to take off for a run in the countryside 


After two miles of dusty county road I came upon a small cemetery.  It stood there all by itself, next to acres and acres of farmland, some green fields, others brown.  The white fence that surrounded the cemetery was open.  So, I took a detour and ran on in.  The short visit made for a somber moment.  Too many of those grave markers were for children.  Many of the grave markers were simply rocks that someone had erected white crosses over apparently some time later.  Small tattered Confederate flags stuck in the dirt over two graves, fluttered in the wind that had been blowing quite hard since I left the ranch.   I felt the need to tread lightly among the graveyard as not to disturb the graves.  After reading every marker, I was off running again out on the road. 

In the distance I could see a farmhouse with three dogs racing down its long, quarter mile dirt “driveway”.  “Oh Sh**!  Not again,” I grumbled and reached into my pack for the pepper spray.  The dogs ran to the road and waited for me there, barking, barking, barking.  “Stay,” I said in an authoritative voice as they approached me.  They continued to bark ferociously, but approached no closer as I ran by.  “Stay!”  I commanded again, and then “Good Dogs,” as I ran on.  “Good Dogs.”





I ran lonely county road after lonely county road.  Some of them gravel, some paved, most of them dirt.  The solitude was absolutely serene.  And then, way, way up ahead, I couldn’t believe it.  Was that another dog approaching me???  I continued running with my eyes on something moving closer and closer to me.  Then finally, to my utter disbelief, I realized she was a runner!  I actually met another runner out here.  She was wearing a hydration pack and laughed when I said “Oh my gosh!  Another person!”  And then, if that wasn’t great enough, not too far behind, another runner!  He wore a hydration pack too and when I asked if they were training for something, he said “No, just trying to get off some of those extra holiday pounds.”    I was so delighted, you’d think I’d never met another runner before : ))

Is there anybody out there???



Yes, by gosh, there is!  Runner number two on the road.


Turns out, I missed a turn on my loop and ran almost 3 miles out of the way (there and back).  I knew something was up when I hit a main highway with cars whizzing by.  I had ran to the next town!  I phoned the ranch to find out where I went wrong.  And it turned out that I missed a turn well before I met the runners.  So I wasn’t too sad about the extra miles.  Actually, I was happy. 

Back on the right road


Miles logged this afternoon:  9.44

My Activities stephenville, tx 12-29-2010


  1. Wow. Worlds away from Southern California!

  2. Ya Glen! Can you believe it!! They must have run all way way from California.! kidding' I really was delirious with giddyness when I met these runners. I wanted to take to take a group photo but was too chicken to ask : (

  3. Looks like a gorgeous, serene place to run! Glad that you got in some good runs over the holiday time.

  4. Thanks Rachel. It really was fun running on such lonely roads. Quite different than I'm used to. Even O.C. trails are more crowded.

    Happy New Year!