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Friday, January 7, 2011

Biding Time

All my local trails, and I mean ALL of them, are closed INDEFINATELY “due to wet and muddy conditions.”  I keep calling.  I keep checking websites.  I’ve seen pictures on-line and the (“my”) creeks have turned into rivers so badly that I can’t even recognize parks I know like the back of my hand (just what does that mean?  Am I supposed to know the back of my hand really, really good?  : )

With Calico a week away, I’m not fretting.  I’m not fretting because I’ve at least got SOME training under my belt.  Not as much as I’d like.  But I’m uninjured and partially strong.  Even if I don’t make my goals, I’m fine.  I just can’t wait to get out there.  I look forward to the beauty, the cold, the silent companionship.

Meanwhile, I’m spending lots of time in the gym.   Back to the weights.  I never really left the weights, except for the arms due to deltoid and pec injuries.  But now I’m good with even arm weights.  I’m mainly doing the elliptical, 65 minutes, lots of stretches, ab work, weights and foam rolling.  Back at home I’m keeping up with the floor exercises, all with hopes of starting Calico injury free. 

Ahhhhh.  Injury free.  I have learned much over the past year.  And that knowledge takes A LOT of time to practice.  My physical therapist told me that I needed to spend as much time on the floor with these exercises as I do running.  And of course, I laughed.  That’s just not possible. 

Just because it’s not possible, doesn’t mean I don’t try. 

Here’s to finding some place to run tomorrow.  I’m hoping for trails, but that’s unlikely : )  The rain really did us in trail-wise in The O.C.


  1. The rain really did a number on all my regular trails too.

    I know of a couple trail runs in the OC... particularly in Irvine, Brea, and Newport but none of them have the elevation you are accustom too. You probably know this already but if you are not able to find anything.. the San Diego Creek Mountains to Sea Trail is a flat but long "trail" that feeds into Back Bay Loop.. but it's paved but pretty long.

    I am interested to see where you end up. Good luck! :)

  2. Stuff round here is drying up, although I have not been on the trails in months!

    Sorry next weekend I am running in Venice

  3. Have you heard anything about opening dates? I went to run a round the Back Bay yesterday and even portions of the *paved* back bay trail are closed (back behind Newport Dunes).

  4. Thanks for reading Kate. Didn't end up much of anywhere. Can't take the time it takes to drive to any of the trails that are open (I heard Quail Hill in Irvine is open), but that takes me 30 minutes one way : ( Oh well, I'll just be happy for the green spring we'll have : )

  5. Stuart -- good luck in Venice!

  6. Me too Green Girl! At least we shall have a green spring : )

  7. Hi Glenn. I heard "next week" for Aliso Wood Cyn, which probably means later for Crystal Cove (they seem more strict). Don't know about Laguna Wilderness, but I heard that nobody is really monitering Laguna Wilderness eventhough it is closed. (Heard that from a couple of hikers when I was looking for a sneak in place at Aliso -- of course, just looking, wouldn't actually "sneak in" because that would be wrong :)