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Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Did Not Want To Run

I went to bed early (9PM).  Sleep would not visit.  I know that I saw 10:30 when my youngest yelled from his room, asking for a hug.  He’s only little once, so I walked down the hall, climbed up on his bunk and hugged.  Back in bed, sleep stayed at bay.  I imagined running (LOL) hoping to drift off.

I set my alarm for an early run, but when it rang out at 5 AM, I just could not wake.  The alarm off, I quickly fell back asleep.  I did not want to run.  I did not want to run.  I.  Did.  Not.  Want.  To.  Run.

I finally woke at 7:30.  I sat on the couch, draggy, depressed.  If you haven’t noticed, I did not want to go.  But I knew that I HAD to.  Why?  Because if I didn’t run, I would beat myself up all day and if I did run, I would be oh, so happy afterwards that I did.

My middle boy was awake, watching, Dragon Ball (not Dragon Ball Z, two different shows – I’m liking Dragon Ball better).  I made him breakfast, got ready.  Dragon Ball wasn’t good enough to keep me -- I DRAGGED myself out the door.  I dragged myself out the door for the sake of how I’d feel later.

9:00 AM I finally began my run with the anticipation that it would get better.  I wasn’t in pain.  I was just tired and unmotivated.  The skies were gray.  The air was cool and at times the wind blew pretty good.  It seemed like it blew mostly in my face.  Rain even visited me for a short stint (around mile 8 for about 2 minutes).

Mountain bikers covered Aliso / Woods, all trails, especially Meadows, which some of them flew down.  I didn’t see any bikers riding the uphill.  Hikers were out in droves too.  Groups hiked the high route (West Ridge) and others took the low route (Wood Canyon).  I saw 2 different Boy Scout troops.  I don’t believe I’ve ever seen the park so crowded.  Probably, Aliso / Wood Canyons got lots of press during the December rains.  Or perhaps, I’ve never run that late there on a Sunday.

The Face of an Unhappy Runner who Dragged herself out there for some Trail Running this Sunday Morning. Winking smileCIMG8769

Aliso Creek Trail, running up Aliso Creek Canyon about 1/2 mile from Wood Canyon turn off.  Haven’t run Aliso Creek in ages.  Today I did, because I was too lazy to drive to Canyon Vistas Park (a good 10/15 minutes longer drive – woe is me, I could hardly even handle driving this morning)


Onto to Meadows Trail (so deceiving, but it gets ya later, big time : )


Almost to the top of Meadows Trail (I came from the lowest parts in the distance – if you click on picture, you can probably see the trail way far away – about mid photo).


Feeling a Little Better (Relieved to be up Meadows standing at Top of the World)


Happier (nearing the half way point, on my way to West Ridge)


Happiest (All done Smile)


Miles logged:  11.94


Elevation Profile:  +1609 / -1590

1 30 11 elevation

My Loop

1 30 11


  1. Well done for getting out there. Sounds like you need some good sleep. This is why I love the trails so much. getting out there even when you don't feel like it is still good. Imagine if you had to do that run on the road... Have a good week!

  2. Looks like a tough run! Congrats on getting out there and getting it done!

  3. hi lauren, i just stumbled on your blog and i'm wondering if you can help me out. i am looking for a good trail run in orange county (i live in costa mesa) that would be good for different levels of runners and not too far of a drive from here. do you have any recommendations for first time trail runners? or someplace where there would be a shorter distance and a longer one?

  4. Thanks Johann. I am having a great week. My problem with sleep is, I crash in the afternoon, or early evening, then I find it hard to fall asleep at night. Today though I only took about a 30 minute nap, so I should be good : )

  5. Thanks for reading ajh. I was truly happy, giddy, about the 3/4th point.

  6. Hi Lindsay. I'm so glad you stumbled upon my blog. To your question, the first thing that comes to mind is Quail Hill. The trailhead is on Shady Oak (off the 405). The trails are well-groomed, most of them not at all rocky. But there's not much shade and I don't really get that "out in the wilderness feel" if I stay in close. There's a nice approx. 2.5 loop right at the trailhead, and there's good out-and-back to a bridge that's about 5 miles total (with one climb). If you cross the street from the trailhead, there's some more technical and steeper climbs.

    El Moro also is a good place (Off of the tollroad at Newport Coast Drive). There's some pretty tough runs there, but beginners can always do ridge runs and not have too tough a time. Of course my favorite is Aliso Wood Cyns in Aliso Viejo, but that's a lot further from Costa Mesa. My friend comes from Fountain Valley and exists Pacific Park from the toll road to enter Wood Cyn from Canyon Vistas Park. She says it's not that far of a drive.

    I hope this helps. Search "Quail Hill" on my blog and I'm sure I've got some pictures or more details. Thanks again for reading.

  7. thank you so much lauren! i will check those out :)

  8. Let me know how it turns out Lindsay.